Where I’ve been.

Time to say a sorry, of sorts. I’ve been neglecting you, yes you dear reader. You see life has a way of getting in the way sometimes, a way of calling away from the screen and making you live a bit outside. From last Friday till the next, I dare say I won’t have anything new up here. That is not to say I’ve run out of ideas, by no means, I have at least three articles primed for a second drafting but they shall wait until next week.

I must again play the apologist for my absence, I had intended this to be a weekly blog, and it should well be so after the next hectic week.


About PropeRob

All round song and dance man with penchant for quoting Jeeves and Wooster and Toberlone's. Known to drone on about Video Games and geeky bollocks to anyone who can't escape in time.

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