Where Telltale should tell a tale next.

For any one who recently finished Telltales rather brilliant Wolf Among Us Series, you’ll no doubt be chomping at the bit to get your next bit of Telltale goodness. We already know they are developing a Game of Thrones title (IT’LL BE AMAZING) and a Borderlands one (still confused by this), as well as finishing off a second season of the Walking Dead but where else should they look at casting their story telling net? What other comic book or literary universes should they bring to life?

Sherlock Holmes. Now I know a love for all things Sherlock tends to reside on Tumblr, and here on WordPress we look on at their fan-fiction spewing antics with a lurid mix of fear and awkward arousal, but a Sherlock Telltale game would be just spiffing. A mix between what telltale have already established with the WAU and maybe a bit of L.A Noire thrown in for good measure, you as the world’s greatest detective (other than Bigby #Teambigby) solving an elaborate case that leads you and Watson in a spiderweb like conspiracy, and maybe even Reichenback Falls. This game would make for a more gentrified WAU, one without all the noire aspects that world entailed, it wouldn’t stop it being a fascinating game.



That isn’t actually a pipe in his mouth

Y The last Man: on the more apocalyptic side we have Y the last man. Now I’m not too familar with the series as a whole but I understand the premise and need to get round to reading them. The idea of being the last man left alive on earth, while the female population are doing just grand, really intrigues me.  Most would have you play as Yorick the last man and be accompanied by his pet monkey (Cause you know, who hasn’t got a pet monkey), but since you’d have to follow the comic’s story line I think it would be best to have a whole new character, as they try and survive the women only world. This setting would of course lead to a boat load of strong female characters, which is no bad thing at all.


Maybe play as the monkey?

Sin City: Another comic classic (Even if I do think Frank Miller is a bit over rated) Sin City is filled with every noir cliche possible, femme fatales, hard boiled detectives, seedy conspiracies . Yes I know it would be treading similar ground to that covered in WAU, that is why I’d stear away from having the main character being  a detective, have them be the criminal! Have the player cover up for a murder they committed, talking yourself out situations you can’t win by force. With Sin city we could play on the other side of the coin and instead of cleaning up the city, make it a whole lot dirtier.

Harry Potter: Like most people of my generation I read and enjoyed the Harry potter books and the films, but I was always curious to see the world away from Hogwarts. Rowling’s world has so much going for it, and could be explored in such an interesting way in a Telltale game that it could almost eclipse the books themselves. Playing as an Aurora how about hunting down one of the last death eaters after the defeat of Voldemort, taking the player to places, only mentioned in the books. For me it would make sense as the defeat of Voldemort at the end of the series is all too neat and tidy, surely there were still death eaters who escaped and tried to carry on Voldemort’s work? I wouldn’t have the player be Potter himself, his story has been told, have a new protagonist, I’d say Neville but he’s off being awesome else where.


Ain’t it pretty, gonna need remodeling after that last battle though

Warhammer 40k. In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war. Well not really, there are countless planets in the 40k universe which are only barely mentioned, and such a rich pool of lore to draw from that a 40k set Telltale game would be amazing. I’d say you’d need to play as an Inquisitor, coming to a new planet and finding that the situation is not as white and black as he’s been lead to believe. This could lead to some really awful choices, where by doing the morally right thing you could become an enemy of the emperor yourself. It would be a game where justifying your actions would be half the battle. The 40k universe is all about corruption, be it corruption of the mind, body or ideas. The ever present threat of the forces of chaos are clearly your foe, but what about your own people? make no mistake the humans of this universe are not good people, the inquisition has no issue destroying entire planets in the god emperor name. This setting could lead some of the hardest choices to make in a Telltale game. Plus there would need to be a option in every dialogue choice to ‘Pull out bolt pistol. Purge the heretics’ and I do mean every dialogue choice.


What is known as a mild skirmish in the 40k universe.


So what do you think, where should Telltale cast their eye now? Other than making a kickass Game of Thrones game


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2 responses to “Where Telltale should tell a tale next.”

  1. Jeyna Grace says :

    I want to play WAU but I’ve already watch Pewdiepie play it, so it won’t be as much fun anymore.

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