Sequels to see

There are some games that need sequels. Need them. Games that we can play through hundreds of times and still love, that we’d love to see renewed, with new ideas building on the solid foundation of what came before. Now don’t get me wrong, I love new IP as well, a new game, with new mechanics and new stories to tell can be a wonderful thing indeed. But there are some games where my inner fanboy takes hold and would love to see again.

Fallout 4: It’s happening, we all know it is, weather Bethesda announce it by the end of the year or in 2015 we all know that they are up to something. My hope is that what is Fallout 4. The reason that hoax about Fallout last year was so great was that we all believed it, of course the hoax was a hoax and we were left to weep for what we lost for what we never had. But rumors began surfacing onces more. The rumors that have been spread around the setting of a post apocalyptic Boston seems fairly likely. Having never been to Boston, or seen it in a game before, I can’t say how I feel about it with any knowledge (Still waiting for Fallout: Bristol) But if the ruined city is a joy to explore as it was in the capital wasteland then I’m all for it.

Time Splitters 4: Maybe my favorite game of the PlayStation 2 era, Time Splitters Future Perfect was a classic, great gun play, funny characters, chaotic multi-player and a Robot that caught an STI, whats not to love? Granted I maybe looking back at this game with just a hint of the rose tint specs, but still, it had a Robot with STI’s! The Ip of TimeSplitters has gone through a bit of a odd journey, belonging to Free Radical, who then became Crytek Uk who have gone through some weird shit over the last year. In 2007 a 4th game was announced but the failure of Haze (Which also had a knock on to a planned Star Wars Battlefront 3 at the time) caused it to be postponed and then Canceled. Which is why Haze is the worst game ever made!

Dishonored 2: A game i’m very surprised to see hasn’t been announced yet. The first had some flaws in terms of moral choices leading to a overall weaker story, but the setting and world building of the game was brilliant. A steam punk , whale powered, Victorian London like setting, with great level design. But what we saw was only the tip of the ice berg in terms of what that world has to show us. There are other empires, other continents for us to explore, some of which was hinted at in the games DLC chapters. It’s clear then that the frame work for a sequel does exist, be it in Dunwall or a new city all together.

State of Decay 2: This game is one of my personal addictions, it’s the Zombie surival game the world has been waiting for, but with all the ‘cool’ kids going off to DayZ and such this little gem was sadly over looked. For those who never indulged in it, State of Decay was a third person game, with an emphasis on stealth, melee combat, base management and resource gathering. This was a game where all resources were finite, leading some late game struggles as ammo begins to run out and you use up the last of your medicine in a trade for food to survive one more night. A sequel would need to have a new map, with a large city acting as the maps focal point, where the best resources and equipment can be found but where the greatest hordes lives as well. Imagine sneaking through buildings, trying not to make a noise, in case you alert the hordes on the streets below, just the thought of it gives me shivers done the spine.

Half Life 3: Just kidding, don’t give a dam.

Vanquish 2: The game that had me and a friend shouting ‘Leeeeeeeeerooooooooooooooy JENKINS’ as we entered every arena with the howls of a jetpack on our backs. This is a game where I don’t give a flying fuck about the story, I don’t care about the world i’m saving, hell I can’t even remember the main characters name, all I remember was how fucking stupid this game was and how amazing it felt at the same time. For the sheer joy of slide tackling a robot then shooting his face off in slow motion, we need a Vanquish 2.




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