Friday is Fluff day! 5 games that should get a HD remastering

Sometimes I haven’t got much to say in the way of games stories, this could be because I haven’t found any that interest me enough to write about them, or I’m playing them and have yet to consolidate my thoughts on them enough to form something interesting to read. At the moment I’m playing both Fallout: New Vegas and Mass Effect 3. I’ve played through New vegas quiet a bit so I know that world pretty well. I’m coming to Mass Effect 3 as a relative new comer to the series (Did play one and two and I am very much in love with Miranda) I’ve already got some thoughts on the what I could write about Mass Effect 3, I’m thinking how characters from the last 2 games keep turning up only to die soon after (If Garrus Dies I quit). So While I’m playing those (and apply for jobs and other creative malarkey) Friday will be dedicated to some list I’ve come up with that I should maybe make into a video but have yet to grasp the basics of editing. So welcome to Friday Fluff.

With the release of Fables Anniversary addition, which by all accounts isn’t that great (Check out Totalbiscuits video on it). I’ve been thinking of possible games from way back that could do with a decent HD remastering on current systems. A good remastering doesn’t just improve the visuals, but also fixes some issues the original game had, such as bad controls or broken systems that were never fixed.

No 1. Timesplitters: future perfect. It’s a list I’ve written of course it was going to have Timesplitters. At the time of release the game certainly looked pretty good, with decent character models and textures but just think about seeing Badass Cyborg in HD (I shiver with glee at the thought) I would happily accept this HD remastering over a new game in the series.


No 2. Deus Ex. Considered on of the best PC RPGS ever made, and with good reason, it’s mechanically deep and with a interesting story line. It’s a game very much ahead of it’s time and one i’m sure a whole new generation of gamers would love to get their hands on. And it would help to get the bad taste of Deus Ex: the Fall out of our mouths.

Deux ex

No 3. Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. A personal favorite of mine and one that really got me into large scale RPGs. It’s a game that graphically still holds up, so I dare say some would rather have Morrowind get the HD treatment, but I never played that so I can’t comment. What I can comment on is that Oblivion was fucking kickass! But I maybe saying this because I broke the game by getting Umbra in the first hour and then wrecking everyone who fucked with me. Filled with endless possibilities for play styles but which oddly enough always became being a ninja.


No. 4. Mass Effect 1: Mass Effect 2 was fucking brilliant, 3 is decent but 1 is shit in my humble opinion, at least what I played of it. Unlike the other two, number one never grabbed me thanks to it’s rather lackluster game play and the bloody Mako driving sections. The game doesn’t look bad, this remastering will mostly be about fixing the game’s gameplay issues, bring it more in line with the later games tight combat and story telling. Also more Garrus is only a good thing.

mass effect


No. 5 Any PS1 era Crash Bandicoot or Spyro the Dragon game. Remeber these gems? If you don’t I pity your childhood and if you do highfive because these were the great. While they weren’t bastions of great storytelling or graphical fidelity, they were fun as hell, and always worth a revisit. The hours I used to spend speed running these games was great, in Crash Bandicoot 3 I used to be able to beat almost the entire game in under a hour after a few days of practice and not doing my homework. These were among the games that kinda shaped who I went on to become (for better or worse) and they’re games I’d love to show my child one day (if I ever have them)

So what do you think? Should Metal Gear 1 get a remastering, or maybe one of the brilliant Jak and Daxter titles, needless to say their are many wonderful games in our past that deserve to be given the old spit and polish and presented to the world once more.


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