Gaming CV: Gordon Freeman

Name: Dr Gordon Freeman (Candidate refused to give name, had to identify via other means)


Contact information:

Former occupation:

  1. Research scientist at Black Mesa facility (Pre-combine)
  2. Resistance Leader (Post-Combine)

Personal Statement: (Again the candidate did not cooperate and refused to talk)

Personal Skills

  1. Graduate of MIT, with a PHD in Theoretical Physics which he earned using Mime.
  2. Skilled with a number of firearms, as well as a crowbar he has taken to calling ‘Eli’
  3. Some how manged to inspire an entire revolution via vague arm gestures and people just inferring what he means.
  4. Has a weird time traveling mate in a suit who stops him from dieing, maybe useful in high risk jobs.
  5. Poor lab safety record, his work at Black Mesa did basically bring about the apocalypse.
  6. Was on Black Mesa’s five a side football team (team was disbanded when you know, it happened)


Alyx Vance: Gordon’s a nice guy, at least I think he is, never heard him talk though so he could be a bit of dick now I think about it. Maybe he just has a really awful voice and is just trying to hide it? Yeah that seems likely. Still would be nice if he could thank more for the times i’ve saved his life, just once would be great. And I know he’s talked to someone because people keep thinking we’re dating, and I haven’t told anyone that! As I said he’s nice but he’s also about 25 years older than me, and yes I know he disappeared in Black Mesa to arrive in City 17 two decades later without changing a bit, but that raises more questions that it answers.


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