Gaming CV: CL4P-TP

Name: CL4P-TP or Claptrap


Contact information:

Former Occupation: Assistant to Vault Hunters, Interplanetary Ninja Assassin.

Personal Statement: PLEAS DON’T SHOOT! O, your not going to? I like you, so many of the bandits round here use me for target practice it’s a wonder I’m still in once piece. I’ll be honest I’m very much a love me or hate me type of Robot. Some people just get me, you know? We just sort of click, others, not so much. Yes, I did try and take over Pandora, but that’s behind me now, seriously,  I only use my Ninja Assassin powers for good or to annoy Scooter.


  • Can do attitude and a never say die outlook on life.
  • Remarkably homicidal
  • Recently promoted from side character to full on protagonist.
  • Incredibly durable, should by all accounts be Skag food by now.
  • Made entirely of children’s dreams and pop culture references.


Dr Zed: Ah hell, please take that little bucket of bolts away would you? He acts all chummy but he tried to convert me into a Human Claptrap when he went all psycho! I’ve still got circuit boards up my ass. All ask is that you take him far, far away, hell throw him into the sun for all I care, just get him away from me or I’ll have to take the law into my own hands.

T.K Baha: What? He’s a Robot? Why did no one tell me? Is it cause of the shotgun? It’s the Shotgun ain’t it?

Joint Statement from all Vault Hunters: We at the Vault Hunters guild feel very strongly that Claptrap should answer for his crimes against Pandora, not only did he try to kill is, but he’s just kinda irritating. He keeps getting in the way in firefights, we’re always looking for repair kits for him or else we don’t know how to progress


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