Start for Story Awards Season Begins Now

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen it’s that time of year again. Over the next few weeks on all the popular gaming sites (And Unpopular ones too) we’re going to start seeing various game of the year accolades handed to a selection of games. While I’m not adverse to jumping on the band wagon for certain things I thought here we’d do something a little more interesting in the form of a month long award giving bonanza. Every day I’ll be awarding a game the last year an award of dubious worth.

Most awards will be judged by me and me alone, however I dare say I may bring in a few guest judges to over see some of the more specialized categories.

Categories you have to look forward included

Most unnecessary sequel

Best Remaster

Game I felt bad for not liking more.

Game I felt bad for liking too much.

So you can look forward to seeing the results of those in the coming weeks. If you have an award idea and would like to have a guest post than by all means leave a comment below.


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