The Award for game I know I should have liked but just didn’t and that makes me feel bad.

Has there ever been a game that all your friends simply adore but you just don’t. You bought it, sat down and played it but something just didn’t click with you. You leave the game disappointed and begin think it’s not the games problem but yours.  This quandary leaves you troubled as you look inside yourself for the reason that your different. Alas you can’t find that answer and so take to heavy drinking in an effort to forget your own short comings. Days become weeks, weeks into months as you drink yourself to the very brink of oblivion, all because of that game. As you laying dying in the gutter, the last thing you say before you fade into nothing is ‘Transistor

That’s right folks the award for “Game I know I should have liked but just didn’t and that makes me feel bad is” Transistor. (If you hadn’t guessed from the header image then god help you)

When I first saw Transistor I was curious to say the least. The second project by Super Giant Games who made the brilliant Bastion. Transistor seemed to have all the ingredients of Bastion that I adored, gorgeous art style, stunning soundtrack and a narrator whose voice makes me quiver. It was fair to say I was hyped. As soon as I could I pre-ordered it and waited, when it was released I immediately downloaded it and pressed play, but my laptop couldn’t run it so I had to wait to get a new computer. When I did get one, Transistor was the first game I downloaded and played on it. But as I played I something felt off, something I couldn’t quite grasp. I didn’t like playing it.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful game, with an art-style that puts others to shame and a soundtrack that’s just as beautiful as the one in Bastion. But I just wasn’t having fun. Now fun of course isn’t everything in a game but here It was big issue. I didn’t enjoy the combat at all, with each encounter I sighed as I was forced to fight tedious enemies in a way I just didn’t like. Without a way to lower the games difficulty and a system that punishes death by stripping player abilities, I caved and threw in the towel.

Transistor is a game that was critically acclaimed and I can understand why, but for me it was just something I couldn’t connect with. I still listen to the games soundtrack from time to time and it’s one you should certainly check out (Quick hint it may get an award)

So that was the first award given out, tomorrows will be: Most Unnecessary Sequel


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