The Who was asking for this game? Seriously whats the point of it? Award

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but in recent weeks two Borderlands games have been released. One is Tales from the Borderlands, a rather good comedy game made by the always wonderful Telltale, and the other is…… Well it’s the winner of “The Who Was asking for this game? Seriously whats the point of it?” Award.

Yes it’s Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel a game whose existence baffles me. Now I can understand the popularity of the Borderlands series, it’s got decent gun-play, fun looting and a sense of humor which is certainly an acquired taste (Claptrap is not funny). With the popularity of the first two games in the series it was inevitable that another game was going to come along for the new generation of consoles. But then we get this, a carbon copy of Borderlands 2, for last gen and PC only.

Developed by 2K Australia it’s clear that the Pre-Sequel is simply there to  soak up what last gen money Gearbox can before making the inevitable Borderlands 3. It’s also not hard feel that this game was made to help pay for Gearbox’s recent cock ups of Aliens: Colonial Marines and Duke Nukem  (The gaming equivalent of shitting the bed then asking people to buy it, because they once had emotional attachment to the duvet)

Nothing more than a glorified expansion pack that believes itself to be a real game, Borderlands the Pre-Sequel is the proud winner of the “Who Was asking for this game? Seriously whats the point of it?” Award, come up Randy Pitchford and take a bow, then sit down and rethink your business strategy


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