The “This game looks prettier than It did last year” Award

If one thing has come to define the first year of the newest generation of consoles it’s the word ‘remastered’. With a handful of great games from the last generation have been brought update with shiny new graphics, better frame rates and even entire new ways to play the game. Two games have stood out to me in particular and choosing between them has been very difficult as I adore both games, with each ones remastered addition allowing me to play a gem of game that I missed out on. That said I must come to a decision and the winner is: The Last of Us: Remastered.

With brilliant levels of graphic detail, a jacked up frame rate to a sublime almost constant 60, The Last of Us: Remastered is the example of how any remastering should be done. The game as I’m sure you know was originally for the PS3 but almost exceeded what that aging system could achieve. While that version of the game was very good, and deserved all the praise heaped upon it, it was only by bringing it to the PS4 (Or PC if we’re being totally honest) that Ellie and Joel finally got the 1020p faces they deserved.

Of course I can’t talk about remastered games without mention the other great one of the year GTAV. A brilliant game of course and the new version brings with it a heap of new features like an entirely new view point. To choose between these two games was exceptionally difficult as both have the raised the bar on what a remastering should be. TLOU however managed to take the award thanks to it’s performance improvements with increased frame rate etc, and while the fact that GTAV was open world and therefore a bit more of system hog was taken into account it still wasn’t enough to win.

(However if Rockstar and Naughty Dog would like to team up and make a Trevor Vs Clickers game I’d be more than happy to see that)


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