The “The Writers clearly spent more time on this character than all the others” Award – Sponsored by Vaas

When Far Cry 3 came out it was to much acclaim due to it’s good mix of open world exploration and combat. The game’s story was flawed at best, with an odd assortment of cliches but then their was one character. One character who was so brilliant, so awe inspiring that the entire game became about them, with adverts making this man front and center of the game. That man was of course Vaas. With his rambling but threatening speeches about the nature of sanity, his playfully menacing demeanor that could snap in a heart beat, It was clear that a lot of the writers attention had gone into Vaas. So much effort that the rest of the games characters were dull in comparison and the game became a lot duller when they killed off Vaas half way through. So we come this years “The Writers clearly spent more time on this character than all the others” Award and the winner is Pagan Min from Far Cry 4


Yes, it’s seems that the guys who make Far Cry have found a formula that works (On top of the rest of Ubisoft’s formulaic produce), put all the writers effort into one three dimensional villain and sod the rest of the cast.With his pink suit, well spoken insanity it was clear that Pagan Min was someone we were meant to remember.

But the thing is that Pagan Min feels so by the numbers even for flamboyant tyrants. When Vaas became the face of Far Cry 3 ( Purely by accident I’ve been informed) the entire story changed, that’s why he’s killed off half way through to make way for some middle management slave trader bloke. Vaas was never meant to be the big deal, so when he became one it was a happy coincidence that Ubisoft capitalized on. So when it came to writing Far Cry 4, they thought they could catch the lightening in a bottle that was Vaas and manufacture some one equally memorable in Pagan Min.

Obviously I can’t tell if Pagan Min will be looked on as fondly in a few years time. The problem with him was that he was clearly designed to be remembered that it made the rest of the games cast seem 2D and boring in comparison and that is why Pagan Min wins”The Writers clearly spent more time on this character than all the others” Award.


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