The “Dead on Arrival” Award for game’s that shouldn’t get a sequel but will.

The very first blog I wrote here was about Watch Dogs, that game inspired in me the creative spirit to go online and write an entire essay about why I thought it was a piece of shit that should be shot out of a cannon. It’s boring, it’s lazy, the writing is awful, characters hateful and it’s just not fun to play.

First revealed in 2012 and hailed as the beginning of the new generation of video games, we should have been skeptical from the start. Originally primed as a next-gen launch title, with shiny graphics and emergent game play all coming from fantastically complex systems. But was it really next-gen? Pushed back six months to give the team more time to allow the team to make it even better, meaning it didn’t come out with the new consoles, and we began to get the whiff that something was right.

When new footage was released we all began to realize that the graphical show piece we’d been promised wasn’t going to happen, instead getting something all together more bland looking. Even PC players had a rather mediroce experience with the game being artificially hamstrung by the developers for ‘console paraity’ which was quickly obliterated by some industrious modders.

With all the affectations and quirks of your typical open world game from Ubisoft, the game was as generic as it could be, with elements taken from better games such as: GTA, Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell. But by far the most egregious element of this entire game was the story. With Aiden Pearce being the most boring man alive, surrounded by women who died or got kidnapped to act as his soul motivation in a quest to get revenge against a pensioner who was kinda in the right. Watch Dogs perhaps the worst game this year that could have been done so right. Needless to say there is already a Watch Dogs 2 in the pipeline some where, and maybe the next one will get things right, but that doesn’t mean they should. Please put this old dog down.


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