The “I never knew I wanted to do this, but now I can I never want to stop” Award

Have you ever been driving in an open world game such as GTA or Watch Dogs and thought “Fuck that pedestrian, I want him dead, but don’t want to either shoot at him, or hit head on with the car” It’s a quandary that has plagued man since before recorded history. Alas no game has been fixed this great dichotomy. That was until Undead Labs let you use a car door to smash zombies to death.

Yes the winner of  “I never knew I wanted to do this, but now I can I never want to stop” award is State of Decay. This game is perhaps one of my favorites of the year if not ever. It’s everything a survival game should be, it’s everything a zombie game should be. Sure it’s got it’s flaws but they’ll be ironed out in the inevitable sequels but who cares about flaws when I can use the drivers side door to crack open the skull of a member of the living dead.

The visceral thrill of hitting a zombie with a door is something that’s almost impossible to describe. Sometimes they fall to the ground, others they get batted into the air by the sheer force of a speeding hunk of metal using them as a make shift tennis ball.

I will admit thought, it’s been hard to come down from the high that this invokes. In recent weeks while playing GTA and driving, i’ve absent mindedly pressed the square button in hopes that I may thwack some pedestrian but alas it never happens and I’m forced to use semi-automatic weaponry instead, like a caveman.

Like man after the titan Prometheus gave him fire, I will never been able to live a life without using a car door as blunt weapon.


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