The “This is what triggers a psychotic episode” Award

On the whole I’m a relativly calm guy, I find it difficult to raise my voice and I very rarely get angry over anything. But there are of course things that set me off, things beyond my control and which stir in me such rage I feel the need to vent by firing of a few ill judged tweets before I quickly delete them to make sure I haven’t offended anyone. This year there have been very few incidents where I could describe myself as properly angry, and the stand out one for me this year was caused for me by a game, a very infamous game that I’m sure you’ve heard of…. Dark Souls 2

Now Dark Souls 2 as your probably aware of is a game that is sold on the face that it’s difficult, it requires time and patiences from the player if they are to really get the most of it. To some they find this too much and simply can’t continue, others however find a home in the pit of despair that is Dark Souls. I however was never given the chance.

Unable to download most triple A games due to the large download sizes and my piss poor internet connection I am often forced to buy boxed copies, this I don’t mind so much, I do like boxed copies and it’s nice to have a physically copy of something and not just another notch to my steam library. Dark Souls 2 was one such game I bought a physical copy of from Amazon and eagerly inserted the disc. However I found that the verifcation code that all PC games have was covered, by a sticker!

Can you guess what happened?

Yeah, that happened! When I gingerly went to pull the sticker off, I heard a rip. My heart sunk, the house went silent. I looked down and found that to my horror the unthinkable happened: The bit of paper with the code printed onto it had been ripped off with the sticker, leaving me unable to read the entire code and so making my copy of Dark Souls 2 a paper weight. It was lucky I was at home alone when this happened or else who ever had been in the house would have heard the barrage of abuse and scorn and threw upon this shitty little box. It was some hours later that I awoke from my onslaught, to this day I’m still unsure of what I did during my bout of apoplectic rage (That said my neighbors dog has disappeared).

I came up with this category today as I was trying to get Dragon Age Inquisition to work on my PC, some graphical issue that Nvida users appear to have it blighting me and it got me thinking about all the negatives of PC gaming and why didn’t I just buy that game on a fucking console.


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