The “Time Vampire” Award

There are some games which simply hoover up your spare time, sucking away the hours of your life. RPG are often the biggest time vampires, with massive worlds to explore, quests to complete, loot to collect and an absolute fuck ton of back story to read about. Getting into an RPG is something we should all be wary of, “Do I have the time? What do I need to do in real life? Will my partner leave me when they find out I’ve started another run of Skyrim?” All important questions. It was with these in mind that I began my most recent dalliance with a huge RPG and it has proven to be quiet the time sink, I am of course talking about Dragon Age: Inquisition.

As a die hard fan of Dragon Age: Origins and some one who didn’t care much for 2 I was unsure of if I should get into Inquisition, it was after going to be a huge undertaking of time, and I do have other things in my life to be getting on with, such as wanking and failing job interviews. Throwing caution to the wind I decided to get it and have I spent a long time with it since.

PC performance issues aside it’s a dam fine game and one i’m having tremendous fun playing through. It’s one of those games however where I feel like what I’m doing is pointless half the time. With all sorts of side missions and collectibles, I’ve almost entirely avoided the main story line (Although what I’ve seen of it, it’s pretty good). I’m sure my first play through of the game will easily reach into the hundreds of hours if i’m not careful, and I simply can’t wait to see the game from another characters perspective.

I have of course spent plenty of time with other games this year, State of Decay, Binding of Issac: Rebirth and Shadow of Mordor. But none of them have the same time sucking effect on me that Dragon Age does and so it wins the coveted title of Time Vampire, now wheres the garlic and  wooden stakes?


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One response to “The “Time Vampire” Award”

  1. Prof.mcstevie says :

    The replay value is a big aspect in sucking up hours as well as how big the core game is. Rebirth may be very replayable but it isn’t hugely expansive.

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