The “I like this game’s soundtrack more than the actual game” Award

When you’ve listened to a game’s soundtrack more than you’ve actually played the game, then you know you’ve found a winner. I’ve already express how I feel about Transistor in a previous award. For those that love it, good for them, I just couldn’t gel with it. But the Soundtrack? That I could gel with, gel long into the night…. (That got seedy fast)

Music is not something I’ve ever reviewed much, games and film are more my forte. So I find it hard to express just how brilliant I found the Transistor original soundtrack to be.  Therefore I’m not going to, you can listen for yourself and make you’re mind up about why I’m right.

Now of course other games this year have had some very good original soundtracks (not including ones with licensed music in this category) Binding of Issac: Rebirth has some great numbers, as does Dragon Age Inquistion. But they weren’t songs I listened to outside of the game, Transistor’s one though I listen to all the time, as I did with the Bastion soundtrack before it. So give it a listen.


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One response to “The “I like this game’s soundtrack more than the actual game” Award”

  1. Prof.mcstevie says :

    A good soundtrack brings me back more often than the gameplay.

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