The “Best bit of DLC of the year” Award

Remember when added content to a game was called an exapansion pack? It usually came out about a year after the original game and it would be so exciting to see new features added to a game you already loved so much. I remember with great fondness awaiting the newest Dawn of War expansion packs, Winter Assault and Dark Crusade (but fuck Soul storm). But alas now the time of the expansion pack is over, instead we are sold DLC or entire games which should be expansion packs but for some unknown reason aren’t (Looking at you Borderlands: The Pre-sequel). I don’t often buy DLC for games these days, I tend to find they’re too expensive for what they provide, but on rare occasions, when the stars align, I’ll say fuck it and get one.

Am I glad I did in the case of today’s winner. A piece of DLC that totally altered the way a good game played and made it into a brilliant game and possibly one of my favorites of the year. I am of course talking about State of Decay: Breakdown. Technically released in 2013 but since I only got to play it in 2014 i’m allowing it (My awards, my rules). Breakdown lets you off the scripted story leash and allows you to make your own way in the Zombie apocalypse. Finding other survivors, scavenging for materials and fighting off hordes of the undead. As you go through the games increasing difficulty levels you’ll find resources are harder to come by, the undead that much harder to kill. The great difficulty curb and the permanent character death makes every choice you make a matter of life or death, do you build an infirmary to heal the sick or a watch tower to fend of zombies? You’ve only got materials for one so you better make the right choice.

The way the DLC changes the core game makes it perhaps one of the best pieces of DLC I’ve ever played. It’s sure to go on sale soon in the Steam Christmas sale so I advise you pick it up dirt cheap.


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