The “This game is just gorgeous…Can I have your number?” Award

When judging a game on it’s appearance you really have to decide what to you is important; Graphical fidelity, strong and consistent art style etc etc. In games what is often pushed is how a game looks. The up coming game The Order 1886 is being sold on it’s “Cinematic” presentation and as such looks thoroughly dull to play and has been receiving awful preview coverage because of it. Not all games though take pride in gritty realism and so often work with new and inventive art styles which if done well can look down right beautiful, with vistas that deserve to be in gallery’s across the land.

You’ve probably already guessed whose won the award today by simply looking up. Yes, Transistor may not have been a game I enjoyed playing but my god is it gorgeous. Much like Super Giants last game Bastion, Transistor is perhaps one of the best looking games ever released. The art style in that game is simply beautiful, a technological future that was designed by Dior or Chanel (I don’t know fashion) with input from Steve Jobs. It’s a wonderful fusion of technology and high fashion, that makes Transistor’s world one I’d happily live in.

Other contends for this award were the Wolf Among Us, for it’s cell shaded noir fable. A good looking game of course, but not one whose beauty I’d ever stop and admire for long periods of time as I did with Transistor. The Last of Us Remastered was also up for consideration, what with it looking stunning on the PS4, and with photo editor that allowed me to take some really good shots. I felt however Transistor won out thanks to it’s art style, which no one but Super giant could pull off so effortlessly.


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