The “I’m playing this game on the toilet” Award

Mobile gaming has become an ever growing part of the video game industry, with behemoths such as Angry Birds or Candy Crush we can play games where ever we go, on the train to work, in a doctors waiting room, or as most of us do on the toilet. Very often while waiting for a game to load or install I’ll usually have my face buried in my kindle as I go about playing a game to pass the time. One game this year has helped me pass more time than I really should be comfortable with, and is one I’ll probably be using to pass even more time with in the future. That game is Threes.

Threes is the king of the “Just one more game” type game, very quick to start and fail at but one which will suck you as you get to grips with it’s hidden complexity’s that make it such a cerebral game. I can safely say that there is no other game that I have played more of on my Kindle than Threes and that you should look into downloading it, then cancelling all upcoming social engagements because you don’t have time with Threes on your mind.

I would like to give a nod to the runner up for this prize, Monument Valley. If anyone ever says video games can’t be art, show them this game (then slap them for being a cotton headed ninny muggins). Breathtakingly beautiful, with great Escher inspired levels, each of which belongs on a gallery wall. You should also have a look into getting this gem as well.


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