The “Pwhoar – Sex symbol of the year” Award

We’ve all got that one video game character that we all find very sexy. Something about them just gets the juices flowing and the legs crossing. Across some of the dark parts of the internet you can find all manner of fan fiction and fan art devoted to certain characters, with some hitting a particular sexual zeitgeist and becoming immortalized through lustful thoughts. This year however there was only one that took my fancy (The fancy of heterosexual male) and that was Iron Bull from Dragon Age: Inquisition.

What is there to say about Iron Bull? Is it his broad chest, his muscular arms in which he could hold me at night or that deep voice that will tell you everything is going to be alright. Possibly one of the stand out characters from this years Dragon Age, a one eyed Qunari mercenary with a heart of gold and a weapon of hardest iron (Thats a dick joke BTW). Bioware of course are no strangers to creating sex symbols, hell in Mass Effect there’s an entire species of blue sex aliens. But Iron bull is their first stand out male one, at least to me.

But what of the years other offerings. Shadow of Mordor had Talion who was rather fanciable but a bit too generic for my exotic tastes. Bayonetta is all well and good, but bit obvious don’t you think? With thick rimmed glasses and a body suit that leaves nothing to the imagination sure does arouse a certain something in me, but then again she was clearly designed to, and I refuse to have my wang dance to another man’s tune!


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