The “I want a sequel for this game now!” Award

Sequels have in many ways become the life blood of the triple A industry. Each publisher has it’s own reserve of franchises and IPs that it knows will make money if another sequel is made, Call of Duty, Battlefield and of course Assassin’s Creed. Now sequels are no bad thing, they take what was well received and build upon it to hopefully make a better game. There’s a reason Assassin’s Creed 2 is looked back with such fondness, it took what the first game did and made it brilliant. Of the games this year a few of the standouts will doubtless become bigger franchises and today’s winner needs to get one more than any other.

Let’s get one thing clear: Shadow of Mordor was a bloody good game, maybe one of my favorites from this years rather mediocre crop of triple A titles. It’s bloody, brutal and so very satisfying to play. Taking elements from many other games and combining them into a brilliantly formed little package that is so very enjoyable to play. But I want more. I crave more. With what Shadow of Mordor has created there is so much to build upon. Luckily Tolkien created a big enough world in Middle Earth that that is more than possible.

The sequel which i’m calling “Shadow of the Witch King” (Tolkien lore geeks just nerdgasmed to that) would take the visceral combat and nemesis system to the next level, with more weapons, more Uruk types, all that good stuff that we all love. Of course I don’t want this series to become the bloated mess that Assassin’s Creed has become so I’m happy to wait. Let Monolith work on other projects before returning to middle earth, but when they do it will be amazing!

Other games I considered for this award include State of Decay, which has so much potential as a series that I can’t wait to see what happens next for it. I would love to like to see a continuation of Walking Dead by Telltale. Also can we have Fallout 4 yet? Please it’s been so long and my body needs it.


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