The “I would play this game with friends… If I had any” Award

As a rule I’m typically a single player game only type of guy. Having never really had a core group of friends who like myself are really into gaming, I never got some of those hallowed experiences such as all night LAN parties. A few owned consoles, and if we ever went round to their places we’d end up playing a few rounds of Rock Band or Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. But I could never rely on them on a regular basis to play with, since I was mostly a PC orientated and they were filthy console casuals. Of course with the rise of high speed and stable internet connections, you don’t need friends. Just log into a sever and make them. Occasionally this year I dipped my toe into multiplayer and the winner of this award, is the game that lead me to actually making friends.

Payday 2 was for me an impulse buy during the Steam summer sale, I’d heard good things but wasn’t sure if my lack of Co-op buddies would hidden my experience. Deciding that the low price was worth the risk I bought it and my god was I happy that I did. Payday 2 is a game all about being a professional thief. With missions that task you to rob anything from a jewelry store, cargo train to high end bank. You and three others have to act stealthy, taking out cameras and guards, hiding bodies and cracking safes. To play this game silently is to play it right,and I can’t understate how satisfying it is to clear out bank without alarms ever going off. But when the shit does hit the fan, the game goes from stealth focused to a full on horde mode. With endless streams of policemen coming to take you down. Fire fights in this game are some of the best I’ve ever experienced, with all sorts of mayhem and carnage going on as you and your buddies try to get out and get rich. I’m in two minds about the game’s player base, most are rather pleasant, willing to be patient with you and your rookie mistakes, others not so much, on more than one occasion I found I was kicked from servers close to the end of a level because the guy who ran the server was dick. While a game I do recommend, I would advise going in with at least one friend to help, but don’t worry, a few good heists with some strangers can make you firm friends with them.

Looking back on what other multi-player titles i’d enjoyed this year, I would include the Binding of Issac: Rebirth and  Hearthstone but I’ve haven’t played as many joy-filled hours with those games so I’m inclined to stick with my choice of Payday 2.


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