The “Console game of the year” Award

With a new generation of consoles now past their first birthday, it fair to say 2014 has been a mixed year for games. We’ve had some complete let downs but we’ve also seen some games surprise us and blow us away with just how good they’ve been. With over hyped titles such as Watch Dogs and Destiny being complete let downs, many see them as a sign for how things are going to be for the next era of AAA games. But one or two games this year have been brilliant to play and act as beacons of hope for the new generation of gaming. Today’s award is about the game I loved the most on my PS4. Sat on the couch, whiling away the hours when I should be doing other more important things. I’m sure the game is superior with it PC version (PC master race and all that) I didn’t play it on my PC so can’t judge, all I know it’s a bloody good game no matter what system your on (Apart from last gen).

Shadow of Mordor was everything I wanted from a game with swords and sorcery. With bloody, visceral combat and a system that made every Uruk boss you came across unique (Kinda). SoM is a game I’ve already played through more than 3 times since it’s release. While it’s story is rather mediocre at best, with a protagonist whose pretty generic and forgettable, I still found myself having so much fun in the game. I still remember my numerous encounters with a few memorable Uruk Chieftains and how time after time they eluded me, striking me down and growing more powerful as they did. It’s this sort of organic story telling that SoM really relies on that makes it such a good game. You’ll care more about your personal vendettas more than you will about seeking revenge for a murdered family you never knew.

Tomorrow there won’t be an award blog since you know, it’s Christmas. I hope you have a wonderful few days, and I’ll be back on boxing day with my PC game of the year (That is of course if i’m not full of turkey by that point.)

You can read my review of the game here as well as check up the crappy picture gallery I made.


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