The ” Holy Shit I forgot this awesome game existed and for that I am ashamed” Award

There are always great games whose names slip your mind, ones that are wonderful to play but who just got lost among all the mediocre ones you played. Today’s winner is such a game. A game that came out early in 2014 but which is perhaps one of the most fun and satisfying games I’ve ever played. That game is One Finger Death Punch and if you haven’t heard of it before you are missing out.

One Finger Death Punch is an on rail fighter. Confused? Just watch the video and you’ll begin to understand.

The game is beautifully simple. press the right mouse button to punch right and the left to punch left. Once you’ve grasped that you’ve got the basics down. It all seems pretty dull until you see the game in action, from there it’s clear the game is something very special. As endless waves of faceless stick figures march on you, you must mow them down with extreme prejudice. Most foes only take one hit and soon you’ll be fighting off huge crowds with only the click of button. The game however isn’t about button mashing, if you miss an opponent then your left dangerously open for a moment, allowing some one to get a hit in before you recover. In this way the game almost becomes a rhythm game, where you must time your strikes perfectly. As the game progresses, you’ll be met with more challenging foes who require you to pay more attention to their patterns. Success in game provides a further challenge, with enemy speeds increasing as you play better, which only pushes you onward to improve your skills.

With a whole heap of game modes, weapons and challenges, One Finger Death Punch is one of 2014’s hidden gems, and one you should most certainly look into.


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