The Indie game of the year award

Indie games over the last few years have evolved enormously from simple games made on flash into one of the best things about gaming in our current generation. For every half decent Triple A title there are a dozen indie games, most aren’t that good but every once in a while a indie game comes out that is sheer brilliance and you wonder how only a couple of folks in their bedrooms could have made such a great little game. This has been one of the hardest category to judge for me, there are so many good titles that came out this year that deciding on which one was my GOTY was a quiet hard. But then I looked through my Steam Libary and saw the winner, with over a hundred hours played of it, and several more to come it was of course going to be The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is a top down rogue-like shooter. It acts both as a remake and upgrade to the 2011 Binding of Issac. With improved graphics and mechanics and a whole heap of new content the game is a joy to play, with addictive gameplay that has you eager to jump back in and have another play through. You play as Isaac, who is forced to flee is religiously motivated and insane mother who is trying to sacrifice the poor lad. The games themes and tones are unlike any I’ve seen before, blending religious allegory with scatological body horror to form an art style unlike any I’ve seen before. Each play through of the game is different, with randomizes floor layouts, items and bosses for you to find a fight. You may get one run where everything is going perfectly and you feel god-like against the various foe you encounter, but in another run you may get none the items you need to survive and every room feels like a bloody fight to the death. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth wins today’s award thanks to it’s endless replayabilty, great game-play and terrifyingly dark art style. The game is the pinnacle of the rather clogged rogue-like genre and is without equal.

Looking through this years Indie titles has been a trip through memory lane for me, so many fun and inventive titles have come out, and I’m soon about to pick up a few more if they come up on sale on steam. We’ve of course had the many Telltale games that have come out this year, each one great in their own way (Apart from the Game of Thrones one which  so far is disappointing). Other games such as Broforce and Nuclear Throne while still in early access are shaping up to be wonderful games in the future. But none of them have grabbed me as much as Rebirth did and continues to do so.

More and more these days I find myself playing indie games over triple A titles. Their smaller download sizes are perfect for me with my piss poor internet connection, leaving me to buy physical copies of games for my PS4. I’ve even begun writing about Indie games for Indie Haven (Did I not mention that before?)


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