Best Mid-tier game of the Year

There are some games which are difficult to categorizes as either mainstream triple A titles or as indie games. These games have some money behind them as well as a publisher but aren’t the type of games you see TV ads for. To me these games are what I call Mid-Tier games, and there very often some of the most overlooked games on the market. Mid-Tier games are the games that you pick up on a whim because something about them grabs you, they become popular through word of mouth and good reviews. One of these games has grabbed my attention like no other and It has become perhaps one of my favorite games of all time.

If you follow this blog on a regular basis you’ll know how much State of Decay has captured my heart. A game that has perhaps been over looked by the general gamer consciousness but one that has attracted a cult following of die hard fans. First released as an Xbox 360 downloadable game in 2013, the game was ported over to PC at the tail of 2013 but which I only managed to get my hands on in June this year. The game itself is a survival game set in the aftermath of a zombie Apocalypse. The setting itself is of rural small town America, where you and your group of survivors band together to find shelter, fight off the undead and scavenge for supplies. With elements of stealth, melee and ranged combat, as well as resource management and base construction, State of Decay does a lot of things and for the most part it does them well, if maybe a bit simplistically.

Where State of Decay shines is the moment to moment gameplay, as you plan out your next scavenging run, avoiding infested buildings and taking out lone zombies before they attract their friends. Seeing a roving horde of walkers coming your way still brings shivers down my spine as I dart into a empty building and prepare my character for the fight of their live or to run like hell. It’s those self made moments that make State of Decay one of this years stand out games for me.

Tomorrow: Top 10 of 2014 (Yes State of Decay is high on it)


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