Games to look forward to in 2015

As gamers we have a problem with getting over hyped for games which can’t possibly meet up to our lofty expectations (See Watch Dogs and Destiny). If 2014 has taught us anything it’s that a healthy dose of skepticism will go a long way to temper the possible disappointment that  may await us. That’s not to say don’t get excited, just don’t pre-order games and get upset when they aren’t everything you’ve ever hoped for.

PSA over and done with, now lets talk about some games I’m rather excited for.

2015 is where “Next-gen” begins (For Consoles, PC cares not for your peasantry). Most of 2014 PS4 and Xbone titles were also on the older generation of consoles, leaving those foolish enough to buy one of the newer consoles with a slight bitter taste in their mouths (Me included). Many of 2015 games appear to have dispensed with last gen versions so this is the year when having that shiny new Xbox One or PS4 under the TV really starts to pay off. So here’s a list of 4 games due to come out in the next 12 months that I’m looking forward to.

1: Batman: Arkham Knight


Perhaps one of my favorite game series of all times, The Arkham series has perfectly captured what it is to be Batman. Made by Rocksteady studios who made the first 2 in the series (The good ones) Arkham Knight is set to top off their series with a flourish. With a bigger world, new combat techniques and a few of the more interesting members of Batman’s Rogue gallery turning up (Yay Scarecrow). I’ll admit I’m rather nervous about how this game will turn out. With a new villain called the Arkham Knight as well as the inclusion of Batmobile combat, I’m filled with trepidation of how these elements will gel with whats already been established in the series. That said I’m quietly hopeful for this game.

P.S I really hope they’ve let Joker stay dead, I love that character but seriously, move on.

2. Dying Light


The spiritual successor to the problematic Dead Island series, Dying Light takes what’s been established there and runs with it. Focusing more on Parkour and with a day and night cycle which completely alters how you play the game. Dying Light is a game I’m interested to see if Techland can do right. I first became interested in this game when I heard they’d cancelled this games last-gen release in the name of improving the current gen versions. They’re willingness to not making release a sub-par last gen version to make a few more pennies is commendable and I wonder if we’ll see the extra time spent on the new gen in the game itself.

3. No Man’s Sky


Perhaps one of the biggest questions of 2015 will be “What on Earth is No Man’s Sky”. This is a game I’m not even sure will come out in 2015. A procedurally generated universe would be a big ask for a large triple A dev, but a small indie studio seems like a monolithic feat. With only limited footage of this game available, it’s still a mystery of what this game will actually be on once we get out hands on it. With the arrival of games such as Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen on the horizon, it’ll be fascinating to see how No Man’s Sky compares to those two.

4: BloodBorne


 The gaming phenomenon that was the Dark Souls series is gearing up for another evolution in the form of Bloodborne. Taking the bleak, oppressive atmosphere of Dark Souls and cranking it up to 11. With a Gothic Victorian like setting with all sorts of grotesque body horror. Having recently started playing Dark Souls 2, I’m rather interested in what Bloodborne has to offer, with faster paced combat, with a focus on being smart and aggressive. Weather or not this game holds up to From Software purist remains to be seen, but for the majority of us, this is looking like a rather interesting game for the PS4 (One of the few).

There are of course many other games to look forward to in 2015. Witcher 3, Titan Souls, That Dragon Cancer, Metal Gear Soild 5 to name a few. 2015 is looking to be a good year for games. But then in comparison to 2014 most would.


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