2014 Post-Mortem: April

In April of 2014 nothing of note happened. I’m not even joking, no big announcements or events, just waiting for the month to be over and May to begin. A few smaller indie titles did come out however, with one of them showing signs of a new developing trend in the gaming culture.

Telltale was clearly now in full production mode for episodes of it’s series with the 3rd install of it’s Wolf Among Us series coming out. Titled the Crooked Mile, of this episode what I most remember of it is seeing a picture of Ichabod Crane finger banging a sleeping clone of Snow White (Kinda gross now I think about it.) This was perhaps one of the series weaker episodes, but it did introduce us to the great villain of the game, Bloody Mary who was done right terrifying that Bigby had to go Wolfman mode (it was Badass). With great women villain characters like Bloody Mary it’s surprises me we don’t see more women villains (but that’s a discussion for another time)

In the triple A news, April saw the release of Elder Scrolls Online….

Seriously who cares about MMOs any more?

The one notable new release of the month however was Goat Simulator. A game that parodied the simulator market by allowing you to live the life of a Goat. The game got much attention for it’s sense of humor and it’s physics based shenanigans. As such the game got played a hell of a lot by various Youtube personalities such as Pewdiepie and others copying his shtick (My Shtick however is nothing like his *Plug, Plug*)

As such it earned the title of Pewdiebait by gaming critics such as Jim Sterling and Totalbiscuit. Games that fall into this category such as Goat Simulator or I Am Bread are typically designed in a way to get Youtubers to play them and go “Lol so random” thus exposing them to a large audience to help drum up sales. It’s a shame then that these games aren’t nearly as fun to play as they are to watch, like the old adage goes “A good comedian can make reading the telephone funny” (Obviously this was in a time when telephone books were a thing)  In 2015 it will be interesting to see where this trend takes us, will people keep buying these sort of games simply due to their Youtuber appeal and lets be honest, the free advertising that being on a big channel gives them. 


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