2014 Post-Mortem: May

Well we’ve reached May and so far the year has had some good games but nothing ground breaking, nothing year defining yet. It’s arguably that as a year 2014 was a bit meh, and I can see why. Trying to collate 2014 big news and releases as I have over the last few weeks I’ve been left with the feeling that nothing big happened this year (Other than that controversy, we’ll reach that soon enough).  May however acted to buck this the trend somewhat. With a 2 big name releases that brought back two a well loved franchise, as well as several well received indie games.

The stand out game of May was of course Wolfenstien: The New Order. The return of one of the original shooters franchises was nothing short of brilliant. With great satisfying combat and well realized alt-history aesthetic, the biggest surprise of the game was it’s well written story and characterization. Any game which has a lead character whose both a women and disabled yet still kicks all sorts of ass is a game you’ve got to admire.*

However WiiU owners found themselves being very lucky this month with the release of Mario Kart 8. Having never really been follower and having yet to play the game itself I’ll hold off on passing any judgement on this release. I will say that I appeared to please series fans, as well as added another cracking title to the WiiUs line up.

In Indie releases we had Transistor. A game I will forever be ashamed that I didn’t like more than I did. The game itself is drop dead gorgeous with a soundtrack to make you weep. The gameplay however just wasn’t my cup of tea. I found the combat to be rather lackluster, with the stopping and starting nature of the time pausing nature to be jarring. If it had been either an action RPG like Supergiants last game Bastion, I would have loved it. If it had been a turn based action game I may have enjoyed it a bit more, as it was a twisted amalgamation of the two I found myself rather cold to the game itself.

Another game came out this Month. A game whose name I dare not speak of, for just invoking it reminds me of just how horrid it was and still remains. I am of course talking about Watch Dogs. Delayed from it’s initial November. A delay to give more time for production and fine tuning is it’s self no bad thing. However it did put a certain damper on the whole ‘next-gen’ which Watch Dogs was meant to be the herald of. When the game finally did come out it was so unbelievably dull that it’s difficult to know where the extra development time went. The game-play was passable enough but the writing and dialogue made the game a chore to complete. It was only due to my lack of other games to play that I persisted through the entire ordeal. For a full summary of my feelings on Watch Dogs look here 

So that was May, Telltale released an episode for both of their current series, Super Time Force came out for XBLA as well as Tropico 5. So a decent litter for the month.

*Also having Jimi Hendrix killing Nazis with his sweet music is awesome as well


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