2014 Post-Mortem: July

In July I wasn’t really paying too much attention to what was happening in the gaming world. I was too busy climbing mountains and insulting ginger children in the lake district for a few weeks so I when I returned I found I just didn’t care about  what was happening. So it’s rather lucky then that almost nothing of note did happen in the month of July, news was down to a minimum and the releases were lackluster to say the least.

July saw Telltale finished Wolf Among Us, going out with what I felt was one of the weaker episodes of the series. The entire five episode long series had taken almost 9 month to conclude, with a notable gap between the first and second episodes that left fans worried if the series was taking a back seat to the much loved Walking Dead which started it’s second series a month or so after Wolf began. Taken as a whole, The Wolf Among Us was a dame fine game that helped expose me to one of the more interesting comics that I’ve read in some time. As a prequel that introduced many of it’s own new characters it certainly made it’s mark on the whole series and I would embrace a sequel if it was made.

So what did we have in terms of new games coming out in July? Child of Light was Ubisoft’s second smaller game of the summer. A rather nicely made RPG clearly designed for children and which lacked the depth of other games in the genre. It’s artstyle and presentation were well realized but the rhyming dialogue did start to grate on even the most whimsical of minds.

Every other release of the month seemed to be just another re-release of an older game. Last of Us: Remastered was the stand out of the bunch. It’s hardly controversial to say that the Last of Us is a good game, but the this remastered addition was great, it improved the game’s performance from the sub-30 FPS that it was on the PS3 and added a greater level of graphical fidelity.

It wasn’t a great month to be honest for gaming was it? Summer as is so often is the way in gaming is really only there for a few conventions and minor releases. These minor releases come out of course during this time to avoid the pounding they’d surely receive if they were to be released during the autumn rush that’s on the horizon.


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