2014 Gaming Post-Mortem: August

O boy, it’s got to August already. August was when thing started to get a little dark for the whole gaming world. ‘It’ was beginning to rumble in the dark parts of the internet, with scorned ex-boyfriends, well-meaning ethics crusaders, and flat out bell-ends all eager to make Twitter and Reddit nastier places. Now to avoid naming ‘It’ I’ve got a plan. When I refer to ‘It’ in any way, I will instead say “The Liver Birds”* because I find that funny to do.

The story of how the Liver Birds got started was out of a jealous Ex of a women posting a rant that went viral, questions were asked about certain places and their ethical integrity, and a lot of nasty trolls were foul to various people (Mostly women). Certain opportunistic parties jumped on this growing movement as a way to gain followers and influence. Doxxing and hacking ensued and everyone was fairly nasty to each other for a while. Big news sites seemed to flat out refuse to talk about the effect the Liver Birds was having on gaming culture as a whole, leading to a vacuum that the aforementioned opportunists happily jumped into. A growing sense of division was growing between The Liver Birds and the so-called “Social Justice Warriors” with everyone in the middle just wanting everyone to get along.

The Liver Birds, however, seemed split into two camps; the moderates who claimed it was about ethics in Video Games Journalism, and the not-so moderates who just disliked various women. The nastier side attracted some downright awful figureheads, whose ability to spout off some of the most hateful things I’ve ever heard was frankly stunning.

It would take a better man or women than I to give you a full and accurate breakdown of the events of the Liver Bird movement. With various sites such as the Escapist changing their ethical guidelines to sate the demands of the movement (Which was rumored to piss off a big name writer for that site) It could be said the moderates of the Liver Birds did in some way get what they wanted in a small way.

Now in January 2015, the Liver Bird Movement is on it’s last legs, resorting to various acts of Doxxing and even Swatting in a petulant last ‘fuck you’. I dare say we may see a movement such as The Liver Birds rise once more in the future, whether it will be as noteworthy as this one remains to be seen.

So let’s talk about games shall we?……. Wow, nothing came out in August.

*The Liver Birds was a sitcom in Britain that ran for a decade and no one knows why. Fun fact, it’s not even pronounced Liver as in the organ but is meant to people from the city of Liverpool in England. Confused? Of course, you are.



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