2014 Gaming Post-Mortem: September

It’s September and things are starting to look intresting in the gaming world at last. September as a month was filled with 3 rather notable releases, Sims 4, Destiny and Shadow of Mordor. September in terms of releases is where a game are released six or weeks before the real big daddies of the holiday market emerge (A Call of Duty Game). It’s hardly unsurprising then that in this month we got 2 Triple A games with original IPs (Kinda) Sequels are very much the life blood of the triple A industry so having two new games that people haven’t seen before is big deal.

First released this month was the Sims 4. The Sims ever enduring appeal is something that confuses me but which I can kinda understand. Sims is not for the hardcore gamer, it’s a video game equivalent of a dolls house that attracts a decent sized amount of people who buy the new version of the sims and no other games. An Ex-Girlfriend of mine played very few games, playing the odd Sherlock game (Fangirl) but she was obsessed with the Sims. She’d poured hundreds of hours into the virtual community she built up, even making a Sim of me (A Sim I can only assume she tortured after our break up). The point is is that the Sims attracts a market no other game does. It’s a series that could honestly go up against the likes of Call of Duty and neither of them would cannibalize the other’s market share.

Next up we have perhaps one of the most anticipated games of 2014, Destiny. Even 4 months later I still don’t know what to make of Destiny. It’s a first person shooter with MMO esqe leanings, It’s got grinding and raids but it’s console only. After a shaky start Destiny appears to have found it’s footing and an established player base that could last for the next few years. With monthly paid for content updates, Destiny looks to me just about milking the players wallet while having them run on perpetual loot treadmill. Of course other games do this but none so blatant as Destiny.  

Shadow of Mordor: What can say about this game that hasn’t already been said? Nothing really so read my review here and go play Shadow of Mordor (Also I made a photo gallery of my rampage through it)

In terms of Indie releases, we had two major names being released The Vanishing of Ethan Carter and Planetary Annihilation. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is one of those first person exploration games that have been earning some acclaim over the last few years. Praised for being visually stunning and actually having gameplay compared to other one’s in the genre (Looking at you Dear Esther). Planetary Annihilation was rarity among indies in that it was a RTS, a genre that is often overlooked by indie games developers due to the sheer scale and complexity of an RTS. Funded during the Kickstarter boom of 2013 the game is notable for it’s massive scale of the solar system sized maps and the ability to throw a planet into another fucking planet!

A decent month overall for releases that gave us plenty to play with, but this was simply the starter course for the next few months and the delights they would bring.


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