2014 Gaming Post-Mortems: Decemeber

If November was the orgasm then December was the wallowing in self pity and semen that inevitably follows (Don’t judge). With only two games of any real note and very little in the way of news to talk about, let us get December over and done with so we can have a January show to wash off the shame (By god I will not let these sex jokes die).

So what were these notable games then? Well first up we had Ubisoft’s finally assault our wallets and our patience. Yes, it’s the Crew! A weird meld of console racing game and MMO but with enough of Ubisoft’s trademark mechanics to have everyone bemused. While by no means a bad game, the Crew received a Luke-warm reaction from almost everyone. Barely working upon release, with multi-player issues causing frustration in what as hyped as the multi-player racing game the world had been waiting for. With the Crew release Ubisoft’s reign of terror was for the most part over. There will be questions raised of weather or not 2014 was a bad year for Ubisoft. With none of their big releases really hitting the mark, with misfires such as Watch Dogs and The Crew. on top of those there were also the numerous technological issues of Assassin’s Creed Unity. However I will say what they did well in 2014 were the smaller games Valiant Hearts and Child of Light, which proved they could still make something at least slightly inventive and unique and they shouldn’t be forgotten among all the big name cock ups.

To finish off the year with what was in my opinion was a bit of a damp squib Game of Throne – A Telltale Adventure episode one came out. Iron From Ice was our introduction to a new set of characters as they make their way around Westeros. I wrote a review of the first episode for Indie Haven here. It was a okish start but left something to be desired for a Game Of Thrones Fanboy such as myself.

Tomorrow I’ll be giving my full round up of the year, as well explaining my plans for this series of blogs.


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