Darkest Dungeon has made me it’s bitch.

“As the party ventured through the dark passage ways and halls of the once proud manor, Varris the Grave Digger decides to ply her trade, exhuming the cadaver of a once proud night. Upon doing so she contracts a venereal disease that gnaws at her very mind. Soon enough anger overwhelms her and she soon begins shouting profanities to her compatriots. This constant barrage of barbs wears her upon her companions and soon their ration minds begin to wither and wither. Maynard the priest becomes selfish in her dealings, steadfastly refusing to help those she once called friend. Calvin the Crusader begins to feel all life is but pointless dance before the reaper, so resolves himself to what ever fate may befall him. But against all this gloom, the spirit of the Hellion Bukra begins to swell and she stands tall, as if a beacon of hope was lit within her very soul.”

And so ends this chapter of the story of the brave adventures as they plum the depths of the Darkest Dungeon.

Few games have ever made me feel as tense as Darkest Dungeon has over the last two days. It’s really hard to express in words the effect that game has on me. DD is all about pluming the foul depths of a series of randomly generated dungeons with a party of four adventurers. Managing the party line up, their equipment but most importantly their sanity. As they journey through the dark passage ways, fight off undead horrors and survive the various traps the dungeon has in store for them, their grip on reality begins to wane and nothing is more insidious than ones own imagination (Well maybe a Necromancer King)

With each step your party takes you winch with anxious foreboding, awaiting the next encounter, hoping against hope you can make it to the next room unharried to set up camp. As you progress your actions are narrated by a voice with a wicked tongue, using all manner of archaic language to great effect, each proclamation he utters carries weight and a sense of dread. (If I’m being unusually verbose today it’s because that voice has left it’s mark on my mind). This narrator is just one part of the games commitment to the sense impending doom. With a gorgeously twisted and Gothic hand drawn art-style, the world of Darkest Dungeon comes to life.

If all this sounds a like i’m gushing a bit, well I am. I just can’t get enough of this game. This is probably the feeling that all those Dark Souls players go on about, of having a game be punishingly hard but so sweet to play. Darkest Dungeon is a hard game that pulls no punches, that is horrifically unfair at times and punishes you for being stupid. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This essay isn’t a review, the game is still in Steam early access, but is one of the few games on that service which is actually good. As such I don’t feel comfortable writing a review for a game that is still in the works. Who knows the developers could alter it into something completely that I hate, but I doubt it. This is just been a bit of rant and rave about how awesome this game is. Once it does leave the dreaded early access pit I’ll be sure to give a full review for your veiwing pleasure.

Also just found out Sunless Sea is awesome as well. I’m going to be busy this week!

*Update, got round to doing some recording of the game, may end up doing a series of it, hope you enjoy and sub to my youtube channel


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