Obligatory 100th post celebration!

After last nights flurry of writing and me pressing the publish button on yesterdays post I was met with WordPress telling me I’d done something of note, I’d reached 100 posts on this blog.

This surprised me, the time since starting this blog in June of last year seems to have gone by in such a blur I can barely keep track of where the time has gone. What started as vitriolic rant about my hatred for everything Watch Dogs has mutated into something I’m immensely proud of.

These 8 months haven’t been the best time in my life in the real world, unemployment and various personal issues have made it a difficult time to be me. When I first started writing here it was to take my mind off what was going on in my life, and find some escapism in video games as I had always done.

Writing this blog was also about keeping me writing. For three years at university, writing had been a daily part of my life. I adored my time at university and so loved the writing that came with it. But after leaving, there just seemed to be less to write about, and the only times I was mandated to write was for failed job applications.

In all honesty, I left university without much of a plan for my life. Writing about games is such a over-saturated field that I was unsure I’d ever make a penny from it*. Words are a dime a dozen and when you’ve got the generic voice of middle class white boy the price only sinks further.

Still I keep writing, trying to hone my craft until one day I can look at something I’ve written and not been cripplingly embarrassed by it (That day has still not come). I’d like to wrap up here by giving thanks to a few people, the great folks over at Indie Haven who’ve been a wonderful in helping me to improve my work. Developer Mike Bithell for being awesome and giving me a boost right when I needed it in my life.

But most of all I’d like to thank you dear reader, for taking the time to read my words. For me, finding an audience who are interested in what I have to say has been one of the hardest things to do, i’m so bad self promotion and networking that it’s the very thought of it makes me nervous. Lucky for me then that you found me and for that I thank you.

*Money of course not being the soul reason one should write, but you know, I have to eat


About PropeRob

All round song and dance man with penchant for quoting Jeeves and Wooster and Toberlone's. Known to drone on about Video Games and geeky bollocks to anyone who can't escape in time.

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