Things I’ve done this week: Week 3

Man has it been a busy week for me! Well not on the blog, I’ve been shamefully bad at updating this blog for the last few weeks and for that I can only apologize. While my health has been getting better it’s still been a bit of an issue and has left me without a lot of energy (Side effect of having a digestive system that’s too fast to process food).

I have however been playing some rather interesting games that I’ll be writing about and maybe doing a video or two of in the near future. Games Like Not A Hero, which I just so happened to do a video of here

Also been checking out Heroes of the Storm and have kinda been loving it. Done two videos of it that i’m questioning I should put up because of some audio issues caused by Action being a piss of shit. One of the videos is great until my phone starts causing some audio feedback, which you only find out about after recording, so yeah, fuck my phone.

Also been revisiting Invisible Inc and while probably have a review of that up at some point in the near future over at Indie Haven. Did write some news for them last week just to fill out their calender so if you’re interested in that then please check it out here

Now here’s something written by a proper games writer that you should check out because it talks about a few of the issues with games writing that I’ve talked about, (But since it’s Leigh Alexander, she does it a lot better than I ever could)

So that’s been this last week in terms of out put, one video, a news piece and something by a better writer. You get what you pay for with this blog.


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