Assassin’s Creed Syndicate thoughts Part 2

Urgh, why do I keep doing this to myself? Right time to for part 2 of my look at the footage of released by Ubisoft for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. Now this footage is pre-alpha as all hell and is only slightly indicative of what the final product will look like, as such take every comment, judgement, libelous slur I’m about to make with a pinch of salt. Covered my ass? Ok let’s watch some gameplay WOOOOO!

*Watches Footage with some popcorn*

Well that was kinda bad wasn’t it?

First lets start with the opening cutscene. We’ve got the protagonist, another young, handsome white guy, with a women (YAY for inclusivity) and a guy who I think could be Indian, perhaps? Not sure but seems likely given how Britain kinda was ruling India at the time. Now of course the white guy was going to be the series lead, the girl will probably be a love interest of some description (Well known fact, two people of the opposite gender in a game have to at least want to bang, it’s like the law) I’ve heard she is a playable character as well, just not in the story missions, so she’s basically just a reskin of the white dude (Errr Progress?) The Indian feller is what interests me most (Sorry, didn’t catch his name, it’s going to be Raj or something kinda generic ain’t it?) Now I know the characters of the Assassin’s Creed games have to be a direct descendant of Altair’s bloodline, which apparently had a strict code on keeping their dick out of anything ethnic, but how cool would it have been to play as Indian man in the country that is systematically ruining his homeland, and with a populace who are notoriously unfriendly to foreigners (Seriously, Britain doesn’t have the best track record in that sort of thing). I just think it would have been a cool idea for a story of having a Indian man fight for the freedom of the poor in a country that gets off on subjugating the poor of his.

So what next, we’ve got Top hats, so there, Next-Gen is finally here.

O Grappling Hook, wow it’s like if Batman was shit. Seriously why have they added a Grappling Hook? Are they trying to reduce the amount of Parkour in a series that has famously has brilliant Parkour? No one does Parkour better than Assassin’s Creed, no one. Yet here they, making all that fancy animation work skippable with a press of a button. It’s not that i’m against having some faster travel elements in the game, after all, since Number 2 we’ve been using weights and ropes to fly up buildings. Those bits were cool because you had to find them and use them. Now we’ve got a useable grappling hook, we can just fly out of any situation we don’t like and run off onto the roof tops. Also what’s with the Zipline bit, I know I compared you to Batman, but come on, you don’t need to steal everything good from the Arkham games. Do you?

Combat looks fairly similar to the last few games, no complaints there. Always like the AC combat style, it’s simple, kinda easy but very fun to watch.

Time to talk about the Carriages. O dear god do the Carriages look shite. Yes, I know it’s only in Pre-Alpha but those Carriages look so awful to drive I think i’d avoid them at all cost. I’m sure they’re going to add all sorts of cool little mechanics to these carriages to make them bearable to play with but this footage has me seriously (well not too Seriously) concerned about how much we’ll be forced to use carriages. I know they were in over games, such as the chase segments in the Ezio series, they were on rails and still sucked.

It’s fair to say I’m not particularly excited for this game in any way. I’ve been unable to look forward to any game in this series since I had to spend a summer covering it for a crabby games site that no one liked or read. I do hope this game is actually good, I really do, I take no pleasure in seeing a once brilliant series slowly shit itself to death (Seriously, just bring back the boats)


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