Witcher 3 Thoughts Part 2

So It’s been out for over a week and I’ve finally started to get to grips with the Witcher and it’s systems. I wrote a few days ago about some of my impressions from about six hours in. Now I’ve got another six so hours in I’d like to go back on a few of the statements I made to better reflect my thoughts on the game as I see it now

I no longer hate the combat – When I first wrote my feels I was having a lot of issues with the games combat system, particularly in relation to the way Geralt moved. While his constant spinning does still annoy me, I’ve started to enjoy the combat a lot more. That isn’t to say it’s great or anything, I’m still having huge issues with the games camera, especially when it comes to fighting large groups of monsters, the way it targets and locks on to targets makes no sense and I find myself swinging at a monster that’s about 20 meters away instead of the one that’s swiping at me.

The Games Women are better portrayed – When you first start playing, one of the first things you see in the game is a naked women from behind, the camera lingers on her for a moments before the rest of the scene plays out. Later I met a Witch who just happened to be taking a bath at the time of Geralts arrival and he was given quiet a glimpse at her naked body. At the time these moments felt like they were pandering to the basest desires, there is surely more to be said on the subject. However aside from the almost mandatory nudity that’s required for the women, their actual characters are some of the more interesting in the game. Keira Metz who gave Geralt an eyeful is an interesting mage whose relationship with Geralt while sexual towards the end feels like a natural one, these two clearly knew each other from before the game and so had history that I wasn’t aware of. I’ve still yet to encounter Triss Merigold (The focus of the playboy centerfold) and I may recant my retraction if the first shot of her in this game is her being totally nude and dripping wet.

So that’s my corrections over and done with, lets talk about what else in this game I’ve noticed

Did I mention it’s bloody huge? – The scale of this bloody world is redonkulous, I’ve been making my way slowly across the map and the amount of content never ceases to amaze me.

Fucking Gwent – One element of this game I’ve yet to really devote my time to is the card game Gwent. There has been some interesting pieces written about this side game, one saying that it’s better than Hearthstone (It isn’t). I’ve played one or two matches (only one won) and it’s something i’m going to leave until a wiki goes up and tells me how to beat it. Have found that if you win a Gwent tournment you can sleep with some woman as a reward, because CGG’s always get the women throbbing for a bit of Albino wang, seriously game grow up.

Horde all the Loot! – Like most RPG players I become something of a pack rat when it comes to loot in large games such as these. In Skyrim I hung on to ever potion I found, I never drank one of the fuckers but I kept them just in case, here in Witcher 3 it’s a similar case and now I’m swimming in Drowner brains, Nekker tongues and Noonwraith mutgens. I don’t know what any of that shit does but I know that i’m keeping all of it. This is a bit of an issue for me when it comes to equipment though as the game tells you that Witcher Gear should be kept and upgraded for some awesome armour in the future, that’s all well and good but am I really meant to carry a whole other set of armor for ever, on the vague hope I can make it a bit better? I’m not sure if the game has a place where I can store my gear because right now my horse has a broken back from all the shit I make it carry

There is an entire talent tree i’ve not touched – I complained a bit about the games talent system last time, I’ve mellowed some what on these complaints but I have noticed there is an entire area of the talent tree i’ve never touched, the one dedicated to potions. Now I’m sure that once I get to a high enough level of play, that potions could decide if i live or die, but as it is now I’ve only ever used the Swallow for health regan and that’s it. I’m using oils and bombs like you wouldn’t believe but no the potions. This means then that I’ve not even given the talent tree for potion use a passing look which to me smacks of poor design (or more likely, my own bumbling stupidity) I’m sure next week i’ll come back here and say how sorry I am for being such a fool and not respect the talent tree of potions.

Roach is dumb as shit horse – Seriously, this horse is a moron.

That concludes today Witcher 3 thoughts. if you like this blog please like and subscribe and if you’re feeling a bit saucy, you can follow me on Twitter @Cynic8edwards


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