Things I’ve done this Week: Week 6

Stuff! I’ve done stuff, not a terrific amount but still

First and foremost I’ve done another of those review thingies for Indie Haven of the most recent episode of Game of Thrones which you can read here. Brief summery, the game is certainly getting better and this episode has perhaps been the best of the litter so far, but as a series it’s still not up there with Wolf Among Us and Walking Dead. It’s a game I’d recommend to only the most die hard fans of the HBO show or book because if you’re not at least familar with the events of A Song of Ice and Fire then the show isn’t really going to have much for you. Although this episode did have the wondrous Sas Dragon who just brightens this bleak world in which we dwell.

Also I appeared on the Indie Haven Podcast for the 3rd time and talked about all sorts of silly stuff (I was also stoney silent during the interview portion because I didn’t know what to say)

Next up on this blog I’ve been charting my thoughts on the Witcher 3. It’s a game that after the first few hours of difficulty I’ve really started to fall for in a big way. While my thoughts on the game on this blog haven’t been the most positive it’s still a great game I’m sure to sink a few more hundred hours into. You can read my blogs on the game here and here.

So what else have I been up to? Aside from playing Heroes of the Storm, Witcher 3? Well not much in the way of content really, been pulling back on the whole video side of things for the last month or so because of my piss poor internet (New rule, every time I mention that internet of mine you drink) But I’m always looking to improve that in the near future.


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