X-COM 2 Announced – My Body is Ready

You know what game I’ve never really expressed love for on this blog before? X-COM Enemy Unknown which is a shame because I bloody love that game from 2012 and It’s expansion was one of the first games I reviewed for a site called PopBucket (Good luck finding that review, it’s shit BTW) So you can imagine then how excited I was to learn that it’s getting a sequel this year in the form of X-COM 2

Here’s the reveal trailer

Looks fun right, bloody silly but fun!

Now as with all trailers and pre-release footage everything I’m speculating on in the rest of this article is likely to be a bit off or half right.

So what does this trailer show us? Well lets break it down

The Future – First off the game is set twenty years in the future so roughly 2035 or as the trailer puts it “20 Years After unification” sounds ominous, right? Well that’s because “Unification” turns out to be one hell of a euphemism for humans giving into aliens and living under their boot. This setting looks most similar to that of Half-Life 2 with humans living under aliens in a way that most of mankind just accepts if not likes. Of course things are going to be a lot more sinister than that, with humans probably being experimented like other races were in the last game. Human/Alien collaboration had been a major theme in X-COM Enemy Within expansion (God, I miss Expansion packs)

FIGHT THE POWER – With Aliens being in charge then X-COM and the player are the resistance. This reflects in the armor the soldiers are wearing and will probably have some bearing on the style of gameplay. With the player clearly being out gunned, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Stealth gameplay become more prominent. This wouldn’t be too far-fetched and would add a new element to the turn based gameplay. In the last game, stealth was only an option with certain upgrades, as the aliens would always sense you when they emerged on the screen, giving them a free move to respond. So if X-COM 2 allows the player to be a little more sneaky in how they approach objectives instead of just “BLOW SHIT UP” as it was in X-COM EU.

Who gave that snake a gun? – There is a Snake with a gun, that is all you need to know. Know that at some point during your play-through of this game, a snake with a shotgun is going to pop up and ruin your day. Are you prepared to live with that?

Drone Time – Look it’s a droid that shoots lighting out that stuns enemies, that’s cool. Drones made a small appearance in the last game but again were never particularly good or prominent. I’d say then that the addition of a drone in this trailer would mean that the game will have a larger focus on drones with various abilities.

HAHAHAHAHA, that guy has a SWORD! – You know what’s badass, bringing a sword to a gunfight against alien oppressors. Is it a smart thing to do? Fuck no, is it cool? HELL YEAH IT’S COOL. Now is this lone muppet with a katana (The most badass of all swords) going to an option for the game itself or is it just something that looks cool in the trailer? Melee combat was only a thing that the aliens could do to you (Unless you had a mech, in which case it was Rocket punch time) so maybe this means that they will be allowing the player to outfit players with various melee weapons or maybe even have a class that specializes in them.

So those have been my first thoughts and impressions on the upcoming X-COM 2 coming this November.


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