FALLOUT 4 Announced – O 2K You Spoil Us

First X-COM 2 now Fallout 4! Does 2K not understand their meant to keep all their announcements for that press conference? Well who cares, FALLOUT BLOODY 4 HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED, HERE’S A TRAILER

Well that was fun wasn’t it? Lets run through what it shows us shall we?

Dog confirmed – The presence of dogs has been confirmed in the game, more on this crisis as events unfold. Yeah like the last game I’m guessing you’ll be able to have a dog as a companion, which won’t be useful and will in fact just get in the way and trigger a load of mines. I love dogs in real life but those in game mutts were very annoying.

This Trailer is really sad – Seriously! Seeing that dog walk through that house, while that song plays and that narrator slowly realizes he and everyone he’s ever loved is about to vaporized is really sad if you’re an emotionally stunted man child like myself.

BOSTON DID WELL IN THE APOCALYPSE –  There has been much rumor and speculation about Fallout 4’s setting and this trailer confirms that it is indeed set in the city of Boston. Now from the those long shots the trailer has over the some of the vistas it’s clear to see that there are a lot of buildings that are still intact. Now putting on my theorist hat I’d say this is thanks to MIT, the scientific hub of Fallout America who form the Institute with it’s cyborgs and fancy laser weapons and what not. My guess is that a large part of the city was protected from the bombs by some nifty device cooked up by those boffins. Whether this has any bearing on the large plot remains to be seen.

EEK DEATHCLAWS, KILL IT WITH ACID – Fuck those bipedal fuckers

Is it me or does this look dated? – Now graphics of course aren’t everything, a good game is a good game with or without state of the art graphics, it’s just that looking at the in-engine stuff they have in the trailer, I’m left thinking it looks a bit old and 2008 ish. Bethesda’s creation engine last saw the light of day with Skyrim so I’m assuming either their using an upgraded version or an entirely new one, because lets be honest, Skyrim wasn’t an amazing looker in 2011 and it’s only with mods upgrading it do we see the true beauty of that game. As I said, graphics aren’t everything and this is of course pre-alpha footage so I shouldn’t dwell on the it more than I already have.

So that’s my 10 cents on the Fallout 4 announcement trailer. Honestly I’m looking forward to the game, dare say I’ll be sinking a hundred hours or so into at the very least. It’s not the most “Holy shit this is awesome” Trailer that’s ever been made but I feel that’s deliberate, drawing out or excitement in a tantric bout of hype building until it’s ready to be showered onto our faces.


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