Things I’ve done this week: Week 7

Trailers to the left of me, previews to the right, and here I am, stuck in the middle with you. Yes it’s been quite a week in terms of announcements and trailers and considering it’s E3 in 2 weeks we’re going to be seeing a lot more of them in the near future.

Most of what I’ve done this week has involved trailers and my reactions to them.

First up we had X-COM 2 and it’s trailer which had me dropping my pants and bending over a barrel in anticipation. That trailer even got me to start replaying X-COM Enemy Within Again and it was glorious. I named my team after members of the avengers and they kicked ass (apart from Thor who got blown up by alien tank) you can read some of my more coherent thoughts on the trailer here

Then of course we got the big one, Fallout 4 was finally announced with a shiny trailer which didn’t get me as hyped as I thought it was. My full thoughts were written here but something about this trailer didn’t click for me. Loved the radio bit at the beginning but the gameplay shown just didn’t have me gagging for it. It’s doubtless a game I’m going to be play and enjoy but it was interesting to see a trailer “Fall flat” in such a way. Still looking forward to it on a conceptual level.

Outside of this blog I appeared on the Indie Haven Podcast last week and it was hilarious. First half was an interview with the guys making Dimension Drive, the game which become infamous for it’s defrauded kick-started. The two guys we talked to were lovely and very interesting so I advise you give it a listen. The second half of the show is pure filth and involves me and Erin and Jose talking about Porn, Origin, Bears with Axes and Enid Blyton.

In other news I also started to learn to drive this week (A emergency blog has been written in case of my untimely death that is set to post after two days of me not obsessively checking stats) I also fell deeply in-love with the show the Critic which I advise you watch because it’s awesome (Hence the pic)


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