Witcher 3 thoughts Part 3

Another day another round up of my thoughts on the Witcher 3 over the last week of play. Having finished up one of the games most notable plot lines I’m ready to mull them over with you dear reader so here goes

Warning: Spoilers ahead

Dam this game has great writing – Move aside Bioware and Telltale there’s a new sheriff in the town of good writing and characterization and their name is CD Projekt Red and here’s why:

Witcher 3 made me feel sorry for a wife beater/possible rapist and I’m not sure how I feel about that – If you’ve been following any of the post-release coverage of Witcher 3 over the last few weeks you’ll probably have heard about the Bloody Baron quest line. Put simply, to find information about Ciri, Geralt starts working for a man known as the “Bloody Baron”. The Baron’s Wife and Daughter have gone missing and Geralt is tasked with finding them. Digger deeper into the case it’s revealed that the wife suffered a recent miscarriage after taking a beating from the baron and so fled home with her daughter. The two were separated when a huge beast attacked the two and dragged off the mother. As the mystery unfolds and the truth is revealed it’s shown that the Baron and the Wife (Anna) fell in love in a classic case of Florence Nightingale syndrome (Caregiver/receiver falling for each other) but following his recovery and return to war, the romance faded and she took up with an old flame of hers, the Baron returns from the war to find himself cuckolded so killed the man in rage. From there the relationship become bitter as he regularly beat her when she’d snipe at him for. Now with my modern sensibilities the idea of feeling sympathy for a wife beater is abhorrent, but over the course of this story line I came to like the Baron. He was truly repentant for what he did and only wanted to make things right. In one scene he must face a “Botchlings” the cursed spirit of the miscarried child of his (A child conceived probably in a drunken and aggressive stupor no doubt). After his initial fearful disgust he tries to console the child and names it Dea, it’s a powerful moment. When he is reunited with his wife, driven insane by a coven of witches, he gives up his power as Baron to seek a wise man to heal her. During this quest line you’re given many chances to chastise this man for his deeds, but all felt hollow, he know what he had was wrong, and that for the last twenty years he’d only be making it worse.

The bloody Baron quest line will in my mind go down in history as one of the best story lines told in a game, up there with Telltales Walking Dead and The Last of Us thanks to it’s nuanced view of humanity and fantastic writing. The Bloody Baron is the new gold standard for which all RPGs have to aspire and I really doubt many of them will.

So that was very serious, lets talk about something a bit more light hearted, like objectifying women (JOKE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD THAT WAS A JOKE) – But seriously –

Why does every young women wear a low cut top? – As I’ve interacted with more and more characters I’ve been struck but how many of the young women characters are dress, with plunging neck lines that leave little to the imagination. I should have taken some pictures of them to show you but was oddly distracted at those times for some reason. Characters to such as Keira Metz and one female warrior whose name I can’t remember both had neck lines down to their belly buttons. That can’t be practical to wear surely? I mean the double sided tape needed would be cost prohibitive to most on a budget.

I will say not all the women are dressed so poorly, just enough to make it stand out. One women who I kinda fell for was a posh girl who liked to train with swords and who was dressed pretty well for some one in a fight. P.s Please CD PRojekt red, let me romance that one, she’s just wonderful (If slightly right wing)

Have you seen the goose? – Here it is

Fucking Gwent – Again still not a fan of this game, has some one made a wiki with deck builds I can look up?

So that’s my third boat load of thoughts about the Witcher 3, more coming soon I’m sure. if you’d like to read my other others thoughts on the game they can be found here and here


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