Witcher 3 Photo Gallery

Once again I’ve been experimenting with some in game photography in another game, this time it’s been the PS4 version of Witcher 3. Unlike a few other games on that system, Witcher 3 has yet to get a photo-mode like Last of Us or Shadow of Mordor so all these photos were taken in game and involved turning off the game’s HUD and experimenting with various in-elements.

The first two pictures are a bit generic in all honest, they’re are some nice vistas but with Geralt standing in the middle the eye is drawn away from the scenery and instead on to the bloke with a bunch of swords.

The 3rd picture was my first experiment with various in game elements that changed the visuals. I used a “Cat’s Eye” potion to give the world a higher contrast then looked at the then setting sun to have one area of colour that was framed by the white trees. Again Geralt’s presence in the photo is a bit award

The forth picture on this list is one I’m particularity proud of as it involved  again using the “Cat’s Eye” potion but I found a way to draw attention away from Geralt and focus on what’s in the fore-ground by using the game’s “Witcher Sense” to draw the camera off the 3rd person perspective and on to the mystical tree in the distance.

I’m going to be experimenting further with what I can capture using the in-game engine and will probably be updating this post a few more times over the next few weeks.


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