Witcher 3 Thoughts: Part 4

Man, this game just keeps giving and giving don’t it? I must say I feel sorry for the poor saps who had to review this game on a deadline. With so much to see and do I can see this series of thoughts going on for another few weeks at least (Until Arkham Knight pops up) So lets run down some more of my thoughts and musings shall we? Starting with a bit of a moan.

The Iron Maiden Quest is pretty Ewwwww – So there I was exploring the isles of Skellige when up pops a ! on the map and I go to investigate. What I find is a women warrior, challenging anyone who thinks he’s worth to fight her, the man who bests her will prove himself worthy and so she’ll bed and marry them. Geralt of course thinks he’s worthy so accepts. But before he can fight her, he must beat up another challenger who is some what smitten with the women and desires another crack at her which he can get by beating you. Of course Geralt beats him, proving he can fight the women, who he then beats and who the admits defeat and invites him around to her home. Geralt then is given the option to have sex with her or refuse and there are no negative consequences.

Now before I start, I’d just like to say I’m not at all literate in any sort of feminist theory so I do apolgise for anything I get wrong, it’s just that this chain of events felt really icky to me. Maybe it’s the rewarding of physical violence towards a women to get sex and that I felt bad for the poor sap I beat up to prove I was worthy of her. Of course I’m coming from this from a 21st century view where tests of might and strength to win a woman aren’t really a thing anymore. I think I was hoping for the quest line to go a bit deep than “Fight Women, bed her” maybe if it involved having you set up that other guy to win the women he loved, but even that feels dishonest and coercing a women to sleep with some one. Anyway enough about that ickyness.

Leveling has become a Chore – Now I’ve been told that the level cap in this game is technically infinite and that as long as I keep killing monsters and doing quests I’ll level up. It’s just that now I’ve reached level 24 I’m finding the process of leveling really bloody slow. Beaten 10-20 went by in a blur thanks to the number of quests to do and the general availability of things to kill, it’s just that now I’m past 20 I’ve found myself collecting quests for level 30+ leaving me to grind away for ten or so levels as I try to find one or two level appropriate quests to beat. Maybe I rushed through too much content or I’m just not finding level appropriate areas to quest in. Thanks to the freedom the game gives you it’s possible to run around the entire world map from the start so I may just have been missing out on the level 20 zones. Still it’s an issue but not one I’ve heard too many others talk about.

Can I please get a Photo-Mode? – I talked a little about my experience with taking in game screen shots of Witcher 3 here already. The game itself is stunning and lends itself nicely to taking some vista shots of some of the impressive views the game has on offer. It’s just that what’s on offer isn’t really enough for me now that games like the Last of Us Remastered and Shadow of Mordor were updated with their own dedicated photo modes. I would love to be able to experiment more with the game using filters, angle changes and what not. I manged to jury rig up a filter using the game’s “Cat’s Eye” Potion to some effect but I’d love to see what could be done with a full suite of options.

So there’s another round of musings, rants with a side order of ravings for good measure. I’ve been amazed with just how much there is to write about in this game, every so often there will be another quest or element that gets me thinking and in the mood to write again. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to the Steam Sale.


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