Things I’ve done this Week: Week 8

Well what a busy week it has been this week, you lucky devils have had the pleasure of four blogs going up over the last seven days. I’ll talk about the first in a minute but first lets round up the easy stuff shall we?

Witcher 3 has really taken over this blog in a big way over the last few weeks, and while I’m starting to detect a lull in my willingness to play I’m sure I’ll be writing a bit more about it in the near future. First we have my collected thoughts Part 3 and Part 4. I must say I’ve enjoyed writing about this game in such a format, instead of doing one long definitive post about it, having my thoughts stretched out over a series of weeks has allowed me to come and adjust my feelings to the game in the light of new developments. As I’ve delved deeper and deeper into the world of Witcher 3 I’ve found myself fascinated with various in-game elements and ideas in a way I don’t think any other game has done to me before.

Do I think it’s the best game ever? certainly not but I do think it’s one of the most interesting games ever made and one that I’m sure myself and other writers will be mulling over in our heads for months to come.

Outside of my writing I like to dabble in a touch of photography both in real life and in various games. I highly doubt I’m any good but I take great pleasure In composing shots and snapping away. Without the aid of a photo-mode for Witcher 3 I’ve found the shots I’ve taken to be a bit lifeless and lacking any real sense of action to them. The game has some impressive vistas to snap away at but it’s difficult to take any shots with a sense of action to them. You can check out my Witcher 3 Gallery here. I’d also then advise you to check out some of my other gallerys for Shadow of Mordor and The Last of Us to see some shots I’m much happier with.

Now lets talk about the ‘serious’ piece of the week, the Crohn’s piece. This was a essay that I wrote in about half an hour, it was a stream of consciousness, channeling all the anger and sorrow I’ve been feeling about my condition for the last four years. I rarely like to talk about myself but when I do I always find there is an incredibly positive response and it’s one that overwhelms me in the best possible way.The first time I wrote about myself was with Depression Quest and how it made me understand a few issues in my life, that piece got the attention of Mike Bithell and Rhianna Pratchett (Whose name I got wrong and brought dishonor to my family 🙂 The reaction this time round was a bit quieter and a lot more personal. It was one of the few things from this blog I shared on my Facebook page as I don’t like to spam there too often, but I was amazed to see the reaction from friends and family who knew I suffered from the condition, but weren’t sure of what it’s like to live with.

So that was another week of stuff that I’ve done. I really must start doing more work for places like Indie Haven, and once E3 is over and done with I’ll be looking to do some paid work at a few sites that pay writers, really do want to make a go of this paid writer thing.

If you’re interested in having me write for your site, please leave a comment or ask me on Twitter @Cynic8edwards.


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