E3 2015: Bethesda conference Wrap up

So we’ve had it, the first of the big conferences is over and done with and O boy is there a lot to talk about. The first lot to go were Bethesda with their first ever E3 conference and It’s clear they were ready to show the others how to make a good first impression. Unveiling Dishonored 2 for the first time, showing off DOOM footage as well as some more details on the much anticipated Fallout 4. So lets run down what they’ve shown.

First lets talk about DOOM shall we? Here’s some gameplay

My word does that look 90’s as hell, kinda surprising it didn’t have the words “Awesome, Radical and Tubular” pop up on screen after canned animation kill. I’ll be honest and say that this didn’t really appeal to me in a big way. I like first person shooters and I like old-school first person shooters, it’s just the footage looked a little dull to me. Canned animations of ripping off some ones head is all well and good but after the 20th time of seeing that and anyone will be a little fatigued on the whole dismemberment thing. Now this game comes from ID, the people that basically defined the genre in the early days with games such as Wolfenstein, Doom and Quake so I think they can make a good game, and they did a few years back with Rage, it’s just that this new DOOM looks like the companies sinking back to it’s happy place and making some nostalgic but not that great. I hope I’m wrong and that this is a great game that shows a new generation what shooters used to be like before COD planted it’s flag in the genre.

So what next, well up next is a good old fashioned CGI trailer with Dishonored 2 

Now as some one who was Luke-warm on the first game (Neither love or hated it, thought it was ok) I must say this does certainly get me interested in the game but not really excited for it. We’ll need to see some real gameplay to form a proper opinion on the game but the trailer does certainly have some stuff worthy of talking about, so lets break down some of the elements on show.

We ain’t in Dunwall anymore – From the opening shots of the trailer it’s clear to see the world we’ll be playing in isn’t Dunwall, instead being one of the other cities mentioned in the through out all those books you found in game. As for which one I don’t know, but it’s clear the design of the world is closer to say Paris or Venice this time round instead of the steam punk London that Dunwall was.

Another Plague! – Dunwall had rats, lots of fucking rats. This time round thought it looks like we’ll be dealing with bugs, that seem to lay eggs in people and turn them into hives. So enjoy that in your nightmares. Doubtless these ugly bugs will be involved in gameplay, allowing you to set lethal traps with them to dispatch and distract guards.

Robots and Revolution – Why is that people being forced up against the wall is becoming such a prevalent image in gaming over the last few years? From COD to Homefront and countless others, that image seems to be a short hand for “Don’t fuck with those in charge”. Any way enough of that, ROBOTS! Shiny Robots with sword arms who look like General Grevious from Revenge of the Sith. So it’s clear then that the world has taken quiet a technological leap over the 20 or so years I’m guessing in-between this and the last game. That room transformation was a pretty cool effect and I do hope we get to see more of that good stuff in the game.

You’ve got the Touch, You’ve got the Power – So the magic powers we had in the first game appear to have taken a turn for the awesome/Creepy. There was always something off about the outsider and the powers he gave you and it’s clear that he’s only got worse. The new powers look like a twisted mix of the Darkness powers from the Darkness and some of the goo stuff from Prototype. These powers looked awesome but I do hope they give you more ways to play non-lethally, one of the biggest complaints of the last game was the lack of good none lethal abilities and I’m hoping these new powers address that.

That’s really all I have to say about Dishonored 2 right now. When we see some gameplay I’ll be down to talk about it, but until then I’m more then ready to talk about our next game


Now regular viewers of this site will know that last week I was a bit skeptical of the announcement trailer for Fallout 4 when it emerged. It was a decent enough trailer, it’s just that the in-engine stuff looked a bit sub-par compared to how Skyrim looked, of course graphics aren’t everything so I was still pleasantly excited to learn more about it from their presentation.

So lets look at the gameplay shall we?

First off can I say how nice it is to see Todd Howard again! He’s sort of the face of Bethesda and from Fallout 3 in 2008 he’s done a great job a showing off the games in a really engaging way. He’s not bombastic or arrogant, he just comes across as a great guy.

So let’s breakdown what we saw

BACK TO THE FUTURE! – The game starts pre-Apocalypse! In the first trailer we saw the dog investigate an old house, which then showed us flash backs of the world before the bombs dropped. Here it’s been confirmed that we will be playing a brief section in the past. This section will act as the tutorial part of the game, showing the player how the mechanics work, allowing them to customize their appearance and attributes before kick starting the story and fast forwarding us 200 years into the future and into the post-Apocalypse as the same character from before. That alone is a big deal, as you’ll be playing as some one who knew what the world was like before it turned to shit and will then have a new perspective on the world around them, this of course leads us to the next part.

HE CAN TALK – For the longest time, Bethesda’s protagonists have never said a word, at least not audibly, they talk a hell of a lot silently (Maybe using sign language) but that’s all set to change with Fallout 4 and the inclusion of a more Bioware like system where we’ll get to see and hear our avatars talk (NEXT-GEN STARTS HERE). Will it make a massive difference to the game itself? Maybe, as Todd said you can draw your weapons in a chat so may there will also be the “KILL THEM” Option in all conversation trees, we can hope so,

PLEASINGLY FAMILIAR – If you’re like me (I’m so sorry) you probably played the shit out of both Fallout 3 and New Vegas and know every weapon, location and super mutant better than you know members of your extended family. So as I watched the game play out I was rather happy that Fallout 4 looks pretty similar to those last 2 games. No weird new systems or confusing crap to deal with, just everything we now and love but newer and shinier. Of course that means that if you didn’t like those last two games then you’ll probably not like this one so can safely skip it.

But Hark, what’s this, another video?

GRAND DESIGNS – You can build you’re own homes and villages! Now I’m going to admit something here, I spent way too much time in Skyrim building my homes in the Hearthfire DLC. I just found myself addicted to building up these homes from nothing into houses I would love to live in the real life (apart from the Mannequins that came to life). So I can see myself dedicating a lot of time to building my perfect home in Fallout 4. Do I think it’s the best thing on offer in the game? No because that title belongs to the next part

BUILD ALL THE GUNS – You know what I love doing more than designing my own homes and defending them? Designing and crafting my own guns and using them on the local bandits. Did you see the amount of choice on offer? It boggles the mind! My mind is firmly boggled. I’m already dreaming up my own wacky guns that will suit my inevitable hard stealth gameplay (Seriously I always play ninja in these games). Weapon customization in games is no big deal these days, COD and the like have made tinkering with your weapon for partial upgrades part of the experience, but they’ve never let me change a Sniper Rifle into a Shotgun that fires rifle rounds on mass and for that I’m hoping Fallout 4 will not disappoint.

So that’s day one of E3 over and done with and what a lot of fun it was. Will I be covering Microsoft’s talk? Maybe if it’s got something I’m interested in (It probably won’t)


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