E3 2015: Ubisoft

Header Picture chosen as it’s the only one i have on file of Ubisoft

Now I’m not going to be doing comprehensive wrap ups for of yesterdays conferences, I have neither the time or the will power to sit through that much bullshit. So allow me instead to merely skim the surface of each conference to talk about what I found interesting and note worthy. First up it’s Ubisoft

First off we have one of several new IPs from Ubisoft who had a decent showing this year. I’ll probably talk about Assassin’s Creed in a later blog but for now I’d like to talk about For Honor, a new IP that looks right up my alley, here’s some footage.

It’s got swords, it’s got Samurai, it’s got competitive sword fighting!  Ok i’m down with this. We really only get about 4 minutes of actual gameplay but what we see is certainly worth a chat about. At it’s most basic level it looked to me like a western Dynasty Warriors, where the player could easily mow down AI Grunts and where the officers are the real issue. Of course in this case those officers will be controlled by other players. The combat system itself looked pretty cool, but it’s going to be one you’d need to be hands on with to really get. From what we saw the main part of it is blocking attacks at the right moment and being careful of parries and what not. I did chuckle to myself as it occurred to me that matches could just turn into two knights circling each other for minutes at a time, luckily there did seem to be a way for each character class to break down some ones defenses so hopeful that won’t happen too much. For Honor certainly has my interest and I look forward to seeing more.

Ghost Recon Wildlands

Ubisoft just can’t drop the connected open world thing can it? I’ve heard some initial reactions to this as Just Cause meets Far Cry with a dash of the Division thrown in for good measure, and looking at the footage that does seem to be a pretty fair assessment. Large open world with objectives that can be done in multiple ways with a focus on team based combat. Guess I’m interested in this but I can’t help feel that Ubisoft should get Division out before they start lining up another similar game, guess that’s not their style. Have heard some Ghost Recon purists say this isn’t GR anymore and that Ubisoft are homogenizing another franchise into the same formula as all their others and all I have to say is “Yeah, it’s Ubisoft”

Good and Evil 2

O wait, that didn’t happen. WTF?

As you’ve probably noticed I’ve missed out the two big games, and that’s because I can’t be bothered to talk about them right now, seriously I think I’m done with Assassin’s Creed and the Division looked so boring from the start it’s amazing we’re still talking about it.


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