E3 2015 Wrap up: EA

So we come now to EA conference, which to start with looks a bit odd since the audience is broken up with tables, looks like a really weird family wedding. Now EA showed off a lot of stuff about EA Sports, including legendary football master Pele. Honestly I don’t give a flying fuck about sports so I won’t be covering that, however I will be talking about this game


Deep inside each and everyone of us is a child who gets excited by silly things, the child inside me gets excited for Lego, Dinobot from Beast Wars and Star Wars. In particular any game that’s Star Wars related. So imagine my excitement when I saw this footage

It’s bloody Hoth! It had storm troopers, tie fighters, X-wings, AT-ATs and Darth Bloody Vader! It’s everything I every dreamed of in a game. Ahem. Now last time I covered this game, I was slightly more reserved in my praise of the game. But now we’ve seen some footage (Which lets be honest looks scripted as fuck) I’m willing to let myself fan-gasm a little bit. From the actual gameplay we got to see how the game would ideally play, with people moving in and out of cover a lot, using abilities, coordinating with ships and hero characters to win the day.

Some criticism that the footage drew was that it looked like a reskin of Battlefield, this is pretty fair assessment as the game is being made by Dice who make Battlefield. Yes it looks closer to Battlefield than it does to the original Battlefront games, that’s not surprising since they were made in a very different time. Ten years is a long time in this industry and what worked then won’t work now. It’s why I thought Doom looked a bit crappy, nostalgic is great but using it to mimic whats past is foolish. If you want to see something old remade well, look at X-Com or Xenonauts if you’re a purist. Any way enough of that, I’m looking forward to Battlefront!


HOW CUTE IS THAT YAWN CAT – also that swedish guy was kinda cute in how earnest and shy he was.

Now the trailer did show us some gameplay, Unravel will be a puzzle platformer with physics elements like Trine or Little Big Planet, so there really isn’t too much to talk about apart from how wonderful the art style is. The use of Yarn and the almost photo-realistic backgrounds are gorgeous. If I had kids (Or any sort of loved one for that matter) This is a game I’d get them to play, it’s just breathtaking. Really can’t wait to see this in motion for myself.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Fun fact, I never played the first Mirror’s Edge. I own it on Steam, I just never got round to playing. As such I’m not really  feeling the hype behind this title. It’s one that’s been talked about for years, with people every year wanting it to be confirmed at E3. Well here we are with a solid confirmation and I’m still not feeling the excitement. Will I play it? Maybe if the reviews are great. I do enjoy first person Parkour thanks to games like Dying Light, and it would be nice to see the game that really kickstarted the craze, but call me a Mirror’s Edge skeptic for now.

So that was the EA line up I was actually interested in. Garden Warfare 2 will just be another micro-transaction filled pile of crap and EA sports can go fuck itself as long as it’s aligned with FIFA. So whose next?



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