E3 2015 Played out Playlist

So E3 isn’t over but I think it’s safe to start wrapping up this blogs coverage of it. I’m not going to do a generic “Who won E3” because it’s a stupid question. We all won, fans got to see new games, devs get to show their games and publishers take a small hit so that they can make some money down the line (No one leaves E3 making a profit). Instead, I’d like to talk about the games that E3 put on my radar as games I’m looking forward to playing now I’ve seen them. Some are games I’ve only just heard of, others are games I’ve known about for a while but was skeptical about (Which I still am) But have more of an interest in now we’ve seen more of them. So lets start with one of the big new reveals

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Apart from some of the Nintendo stuff that happened, the announcement of Horizon: Zero Dawn was perhaps the one that really raised some eyebrows. A weird mix of Monster Hunter, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and a few other games, forming some sort of fascinating hybrid which seemed to have everyone chomping at the bit for more. I am one of those wanting more. Developed for the PS4 (FUCK YOU TOMB RAIDER, WE DON’T NEED YOU ANYMORE, Totes not bitter about that) Horizon: Zero Dawn looks to be a sort of survival game, with an emphasis on crafting gear from fallen robotic animals, in world that was clearly once full of humans but now is more tribal in nature. As eleavtor pitches go, that’s a dam fine one and I’m looking forward to.

Mad Max

Now this may come as a shock to some of you, but I have yet to see Fury Road, don’t ask me why, I just never got round to it (For Shame, I know) But the whole “OMG Mad Max is fucking awesome” vibe of late has certainly got my attention, so it’s a dam good thing then that a Mad Max game is coming out in a few months and honestly looks quiet awesome. Here’s a some footage from Gamespot

I’m down for a slice of that. Do you remember Jak & Daxter 3? That footage reminds me of that PS2 classic and that’s honestly all I need to sell me on it. As I look through the pile of PS4 games I have, there is quiet a distinict lack of car combat games, and this looks to fill that gap pretty nicely. From further researching, the grown combat will be a mix of 3rd person shooting but also Arkham-Style Melee combat. All of which is tied up with a nice bow of post-apocalyptic Australia (What’s the difference between that and pre-apocalyptic Australia?)

For Honor

Talked a bit about this before with my Ubisoft Wrap up so I won’t rehash old ground, just going to say I need a game where a viking gets to bring the hurt to a load of knights and samurai!

Just Cause 3

Just Cause as a series is the logical end point of all video games ever, it’s big, brash and bonkers. With infinite parachutes flying out your ass and a grappling hook that can pull statues down, it’s an anarchic cluster fuck of a game, and it’s one that just get’s me excited. Imagine then the child-like glee I feel then when I get to see Just Cause 3 and how batshit insane it is, with explosions that would make Micheal Bay pass out and a staggering disregard for the laws of physics, Just Cause 3 won’t be a game that has me question what it means to take a life or how I view my existance. Instead It’ll have me look an oil rig and have me think “I need to blow this up, but how?”

Fallout 4 – Do I really need to repeat myself?

Seriously? Just read this to know why I’m looking forward. Also All hail our lord and Savior Todd Howard!

Star Wars Battlefront

Same Deal, talked about it before here. I will say however that I doubt I’ll be getting this day one, it’s a shooter by EA/Dice, they’ve been known to have crap support for online play, and unless the single player is great (Which doubt) I’ll probs be looking at this one a few months after launch if the game is still popular.

South park Fractured but Whole – If only for the name

One of the most pleasant surprises of last year was South Park: The Stick of Truth. It was a simple turn based RPG with some of the funniest writing we’ve seen in a game and was perhaps the most faithful recreation of a licensed property ever made. Can lightening strike twice then for South Park? well if the trailers anything to go by (And that’s all we have) the sequel looks to be pretty dam funny as well. It looks like they’ll be dropping the D&D larping experience for superheros this time round, which as fans of the show know, this means we’ll be seeing Eric Cartman as the Coon as he rides Cthulhu. Can’t wait.

So those are the games that left me giddy and excited (as we should all try to be about games). Does this mean I don’t rate many of the other games on show? Certainly not. I’m forever anticipating No Man’s Sky, Everybody’s gone to the Rapture and a bunch of others too numerous to list here. Was it a good E3? Yes, a very good one for almost everyone involved. Sony showed off some good stuff, as did Microsoft and Nintendo. EA, Bethesda and Ubisoft did well, with the only bad part being the PC gamer conference which went down as well as a cup of cold piss.


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